Karl Marx fans livid over cemetery’s $6 fee

In the Land of the Fee and Home of the Slave should we not honor, respect and bow down to all the petty Tyrants, Mass Murders and Feudal Lords of history; or as they arise?

Would NOT some scream Romans, 13 if you do not???

After all, to be Politically Correct and Obedient now days we MUST be ‘inclusive and tolerant’ of them when we are being Disposed Of as ‘their’ mere Human Resource simply because they claim to be a Government, and Governments are ‘Ordained by God’ so they and their Pastors, Holy Men, Blacked Robed Bandits and Agents would tell us as they HARVEST all our wealth, useful organs and then put that 40 Cal up to the base of our skull and then we can believe that this is THE WILL OF GOD for us … BECAUSE THEY SAID SO!!!  

I only hope that you go into the ditch long before you see your loved ones down there twitching before you get there …

Karl_MarxWND – by Douglas Ernst

He may have penned “The Communist Manifesto,” but he did not want the government caring for his remains. Karl Marx’s decision has new admirers livid — at capitalists.

London’s Highgate Cemetery charges individuals $6 to pay respects to Marx, a decision staff say pays for maintenance and upkeep of the expansive property. The “Das Kapital” author opted not to trust his remains to state-run alternatives.

“Personally, I think [the fee] is disgusting,” 24-year-old political activist Ben Gliniecki told the Wall Street Journal from London on Sunday. “There are no depths of irony, or bad taste, to which capitalists won’t sink if they think they can make money out of it.”

“He’s buried here because it’s beautiful, not to make the cemetery profit,” added Dima Marotti, and Italian Marxist living in London.

Friends of Highgate Cemetery, the charity that helps keep it from falling into disrepair, said it’s not unusual for Marxists to complain about the fee — even though the majority of the visitors each day (roughly 200) are for Marx. Since the cemetery has reached its capacity of 170,000, revenue streams are limited. Its gates opened in 1839.

“They do complain, and tell me Marx would be turning in his grave,” Ian Dungavell of the Friends charity said. “But I tell them, it’s redistribution in action, because all the money we generate goes back into the cemetery.”

Marx, born in Prussia in 1818, left continental Europe for London in 1849 and died in 1883.

“He [Marx] led the capitalist life,” Friends of Highgate founder Jean Pateman said in 2008, the Wall Street Journal reported. “He even pawned his wife’s silver.”

Pateman, known during her tenure as, “the dragon at the gate,” passed away in 2012. She, too, is buried at Highgate Cemetery.
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One thought on “Karl Marx fans livid over cemetery’s $6 fee

  1. They’re complaining about the $6 fee to see the grave of the JEW who invented communism, but I’m sure they had no complaint about the confederate war heroes that had their graves desecrated.

    Any “Karl Marx fan” should be thrown right the hell out of this country, or buried with their hero. Then they won’t have a fee to complain about.

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