Odessa: A Fate Worse Than Death

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NEO – by Russell Bentley

If you are under 21, do not read this. If you are over 21, you have a moral obligation to read this, and view the photos, to to look into the depths of human depravity, into the face of pure evil, to ponder it, to understand it, because if you do not understand it, you cannot fight it, and if you do not fight it, you cannot defeat it. And if we do not defeat it, it will defeat us…

When I was on my way to Donetsk, I stopped in Rostov for a few days. I became friends with Mikael, the owner of the hostel I stayed at. He was a big, tough guy, a real Russian badass, tall, bald and muscular. He was also a veteran of the Russian Army, and a combat veteran of both Chechen wars. When I told him I was going to Donbass to fight fascists, he said ” War is bad”, and he meant it.  I replied “Fascism is worse than war”. The story I am writing today explains what I meant by that…

Fascism is the philosophy of masters and slaves. Ukrainian fascists want to enslave the Russian people of Donbass, and to exterminate the ones who refuse to be slaves. If the nazis were to take over Donbass, the men and boys here would be worked to death in the coal mines, and for the women and girls, the fate would be even worse.

I was recently speaking with a friend, a soldier in the NAF who fought at Debalsevo. He told me that during the battle, he came across a wounded Pravy Sektor nazi with swastika tattoos and a shirt that had “Мастер”, “Master” emblazoned across the front. The “Master” was begging for mercy. My friend finished him off, and I would have done the same. Do you think that is bad? Well, if you have been in battle against nazis, you are entitled to an opinion about it. If you haven’t, then you’re not. Either way, read the rest of this article before you decide.

When I first got to Donbass, I heard the rumors about girls being plucked off the streets of cities under fascist control and never being heard from again. I was a soldier then, and tried not to think about it much. The NAF was not in a position to liberate Mariupol or Odessa, so I felt there was nothing I could do. Now, I have the proof that the rumors are true, and I have to share this information with you and with the world, to get the truth out about what the fascists are doing to our people, and why we will die before we surrender.

And why you should too…

There have been at least 31 documented cases of good looking teenagers, (some as young as 11 years old) who have disappeared off of the streets of Odessa in the last year. Not street urchins or orphans, but kids from normal families, or rather, what used to be normal families, because how can any family ever be normal again after a child from that family is kidnapped by nazis, and the best you can hope for is they only want the organs. But judging from the age and the looks of these kids, the nazis who stole them from their families, want to do to those kids what they will do to all of us left alive, if we let them… Make us into slaves.

What is a slave? You are a slave if you can’t say “no”. You can’t say “no” regardless of how cruel or wrong or absolutely evil your masters, the guys with the whips and the guns, are.

And no matter how twisted or depraved the orders, you will obey or you will suffer, or you will die. That is what it means to be a slave, and these little boys and girls are now slaves.

And as utterly horrific as it is to imagine what those kids are going through, take a moment to consider what their parents and siblings are also going through. To know what has happened, and probably what is happening, at any given moment you think about it. And to know that the cops and the government and media aren’t going to say a goddamned thing about it, much less actually DO ANYTHING about it, because it is THEM, and their friends and flunkies who are doing it. And you can’t do shit about it. And if you try, you’ll end up in a shallow hole, with a few holes in the back of your head, or even worse…  Like your kid did.

The governor of Odessa Oblast (state) is Mikael Sakashvili. He was appointed by Petro Poroshenko and granted Ukrainian citizenship, in spite of being wanted on criminal charges in his former country of Georgia. Sakashvili and his wife, Sandra Roelofs, have long been rumored to be major players in the international illegal human organ trade, based in Israel.  Roelof’s wikipedia page states that “SOCO” the privately financed “charity” she founded, has, since 2007, “been actively taking care of reproductive health and child welfare in Georgia.” Probably the same way they have been in Odessa. Odessa Oblast is under the military control of “Azov” battalion, one of the most ruthless, criminal and openly neo-nazi units in the AFU.  Members of the Odessa police not only allowed the mass murder at the Worker’s Union Hall to take place last year, they were active participants in it. What help do you think they will give to these missing children or their families? Criminal government, criminal army, criminal police. THAT is what it means to live under Fascism.There has been no action or comment by Odessa authorities about the mass disappearances of children in Odessa. A single case has been solved – a criminal gang, driving around Odessa in a BMW, one member dressed in a police uniform, kidnapped an underaged girl and demanded a $20,000 ransom for her return. According to the news report, while waiting for the ransom, the gang repeatedly “raped the underaged girl in unnatural ways”. The gang was captured, and the girl rescued when they tried to collect the ransom. Note the BMW, note the police uniform, note the fact that the gang thought the family could actually pay a ransom of $20,000. They picked the wrong kid, that time, one with a family whose power and connections to the government were stronger than theirs.

Not just the children and their families, the entire society of Odessa has also been terrorized. Because if the nazis can take the kid down the street, they can take yours too. Think for a moment what that would be like. The Horror… THAT is what we fight against here. So, pull your boots on, lock and load, and no mercy for nazis. Victory or Death.

Russell Bentley is an advocate of the victims of the Novorussian War, and war correspondent for many mediaoutlets, especially for the online magazine“New Eastern Outlook”.

First appeared:http://journal-neo.org/2015/10/23/odessa-a-fate-worse-than-death/

Documentation –https://vk.com/album-17330910_221977716 (You can click on each individual kid’s poster.)

2 thoughts on “Odessa: A Fate Worse Than Death

  1. Note: The International “Organ Trade” is centered in Israel. Also, less than .02% of the Ukrainian population is Jewish, however, the Ukrainian Legislature and government is 60% Jewish. Most of the big Jewish Oligarch’s run the country and have large private armies that support the government.

    Lets recall some history for the moment:

    Of the first Soviet Socialist Republic of Russia, of the 504 highest positions, 467 were held by Jews. As Alexander Solzenitzyn writes in his last book on the history of Russia (which no one in the West will dare publish), of how the “Jews” murdered over 65 million Russians, Hunganrians, Ukrainians, Polish, Romanians, Lativans, Estonians, etc.

    Also: The “Young Turks” who orchestrated the slaughter of near two million Armenians were Jews from the same sect that the present Royal Saudi Family come from. (The so-called “Royal Saudi” family converted from Judaism to Islam in the late 1800’s – “Marranos – Secret or Crypto Jews”.

    See the picture and then look hard at America: Bernanke, Volcker, Greenspan, Yellen, Summers, Emanuel, Feinstein, Boxer, Wasserman, Orzag, all the 33 Czars’ of Obama, Bloomberg, etc, etc.

    Marranos or Crypto Jews – who have been outed by Investigative Journalists as coming from generations and centuries of Jewry: John Kerry, Madeline Albright, General Wesley Clark – and those not yet outed such as Supreme Sotomayor, Nancy Pelosi and her husband who come from generations of Latin American Jews.

    Contraception, abortion, radical feminism homosexuality, pornography, gun control, anti-Christian legislation, etc have all been introduced and championed into America by Jewish Lawyers, Congressmen, Jewish Committees, Jewish Legal Firms, etc.

    As Cecil Roth, a very prominent Jewish Historian and writer has said in the past: If people knew what we teach they would hunt us down and kill us all. Or as both Mr. Rosenthal, former aide to then Senator Jacob K. Javits and Mr. Rothchild both have said: ” It is a fact that we Jews worship Lucifer who is our god”.

    One must read the “1976 Interview of Mr. Harold Rosenthal” then personal aide to Senator Javits” an arrogant interview, but truthful from which Mr. Rosenthal ultimately paid for with his life.

  2. “Sakashvili and his wife, Sandra Roelofs, have long been rumored to be major players in the international illegal human organ trade, based in Israel.” That proves the zionist connection. I was going to expound on that, but then I read the comment above and realized he had already written a much better statement than I could have.

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