2 thoughts on “Kenny Burrell – Midnight Blue

  1. Yeah man…
    That’s some grooving sht.
    If you like that..
    Check out some of Wes Montgomery licks.
    I heard he did most of his sessions on first take.
    In the studio that’s hard to do.
    If you have had any studio experience.

    I still favor Chet Atkins…as one of the best.
    But that’s just my biased opinion.
    Everyone has they’re own personal tastes.

    In closing all I can say is…
    Music is a light.
    Slowed down in frequency and vibration.
    To create an audible light frequency sound.

    When you play music..
    Not are you only playing with light.
    You’re playing with the Gods.

  2. I like Chet as well. Danny Gatton kicks it out with the chicken pickin’.
    Kenny Burrell is one of SRV’s influences, which is why sent in.
    Can you hear it?
    I’ve been told years ago, my playing sounds of Albert King.
    One of my influences.

    Fight hard brother.

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