Know Your Enemy: Maras and Calle 18

ncMany Americans think these illegal immigrants are mere children or people from Mexico but they are dead wrong. The invaders coming in through our Southern border are people from Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala. They have been mysteriously told that once they get into the U.S., they will be able to stay there and not get deported.

In a recent article by Liberty Beacon, they state that, “U.S. law prohibits the Department of Homeland Security from immediately deporting the children if they are not from Canada or Mexico.”    

This law and Obama’s recent immigration proposals are all being used to encourage these invaders to come in mass droves and there is no stopping them unless We the People stop them.

Our treasonous government and MSM are constantly lying to us by saying that these are only children entering our country. This absolutely NOT true, as there have been many cases of adults and even gang members illegally crossing our border with them. Once they get here, they are transported by bus, ship, and even commercial airlines throughout the country and DHS is doing nothing to stop them, while border patrol is overwhelmed.

Make no mistake, these gangs are as dangerous and ruthless as the Yakuza, Triads and the like. They have no morals and they will not hesitate to hurt you and your family. They only live by their gang code and that’s it. These gangs are so dangerous that in El Salvador death squads known as the Sombra Negra or “Black Shadow” made up of police and military have been sent out to catch them and the government has even paid rewards for the capture of them.

These gangs first originated in Los Angeles and then they expanded their membership list around the country and into much of El Salvador, Honduras and even some of Guatemala, where they continue to cause much havoc and turmoil in those countries.

Listed below are two of the most dangerous of these gangs in which each section describes how to identify them and gives a short explanation about their gang activities, in hopes that you will get a better understanding of what we will be dealing with if we encounter them in battle in the future or if we fail to enforce our border.

Maras Salvatrucha – commonly abbreviated as MS, Mara, and MS-13

Mara_Salvatrucha_MS13Many Mara Salvatrucha members plaster themselves with tattoos. Some of their symbols are “MS”, “Salvatrucha”, the “Devil Horns”, the name of their group, and so on. Others have stated that recently some gang members are no longer plastering themselves with tattoos because they don’t want to attract any attention when they commit crimes.

A common hand signal that they like to use is the “devil’s head” which makes an ‘M’ when the hand is turned upside down.

They are known for their illegal immigration and human smuggling activities.

Documentary on Maras/MS13 Gang


Calle 1818th Street gang – also known as M18, Calle 18, Barrio 18, La18 or Mara-18 in Central America

200px-18th_Street_gang_graffiti18th Street gang members are required to follow a set of rules. If they fail to obey the gang leader or fail to show respect to another gang member, they may get an 18-second beating. In more serious cases, they may even be executed.

They often identify themselves with the number 18 on their clothing or even put the number 18 on their sports jerseys. They will also use XV3, XVIII, 666, 99, (9+9=18), and 3-dots in their graffiti and tattoos. Their colors are blue and black.

Blue –symbolizes the Surenos and to pay their respects to the Mexican mafia.

Black – symbolizes the original color of the gang.

The 18th Street Gang is sometimes called the “Children’s Army”.

In El Salvador many members have a large “18” tattooed on their face.

They are also known for illegal immigration and human smuggling activities as well as other various street crimes involving murder, extortion, assault, robbery, prostitution, etc.

Common hand signal is shown in the picture below:


Documentary on Calle 18

Below are pictures of what these gang members generally look like:









11 thoughts on “Know Your Enemy: Maras and Calle 18

  1. Wow NC! Great research!! Thank You for that information! It helps if we know what to look for! Thank You again! By the way these guys are really scary and demonic looking, but they die like any other human when a bullet or sledgehammer hits them!!

  2. Thanks Missy. The Sign of the horns looks just like that Illuminati hand signal that Bush Jr. and Clinton use. Amazing how all of their ideas and rituals evolve from one another in some way.

    1. Correct you are! This evil that they all follow has infiltrated every pore of society. Now you know why Jesus said that very few will make it. It is just everywhere.

    2. Outstanding NC. Thanks a lot. I think it is time to be a little more prepared to do battle when out and about around town. They may be able to make folks live in fear in their countries, but not here! When these guys start their shit here, we need to go to war with them on the spot and teach them that Americans will not fear them. We will just put them down, quickly and without any remorse.

      1. Most of these guys are allied with the Sinaloa cartels and the Los Zetas and so on. Hence, why many more of them keep coming across the border. It’s basically a Central American gang war coming across our borders and Mexico is most likely being paid to just let it all happen. Hence, why they are doing nothing about it on their end.

  3. Thanks Barry and Eric now we only have to look out for these psychopaths and watch out for mad dog cops, brain dead Judges you want us to do it unarmed.
    NC excellent post and it seems to me that white people are in the endangered list.

  4. Thanks for the research and article NC. Here on CA Central Coast, SLO County, we have the northern and southern gangs competing for territory. This whole invasion (migration) from across the border has me concerned.

    Today I went to check my mail box here at the apartment complex, and written in chalk, in a handicap parking spot at the Rental Office someone wrote: “Viva Mexico”.

    I’m expecting it’s gonna get nasty here in CA.
    . . .

    1. Yea I wouldn’t be surprised to see that here in Texas, too. These Mexican bastards are crazy enough to run up an exit ramp in Austin, TX with a huge Mexican flag, so they’ll do anything. However, it’s the Hondurans, El Salvador and Guatemalans we have to worry about in this case.

  5. Sadly this what the jews / communists strategy being used right out the protocols playbook. Make no mistake. Keep you busy with the left hand while the right hand drives the blade. They are trying real hard to start race war. Just wish these people knew they are being used and most likely will die in the process. Only 1 group of people that is screwing everybody. And until we all realize who they are? Gonna be tough. Be aware.

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