Law Student Arrested for Anti-Semitic, Racist, Threatening Comments

Above the Law – by Joe Patrice

Exam time can be stressful. Doesn’t it make you just want to go online and post a series of pictures of mutilated Barbie dolls with captions threatening to butcher your professors?


That’s just one of the allegations against a law school student charged with second-degree harassment and breach of peace. The allegations also include racist emails and harassing professors with bogus complaints…  

Anya Bargh, 32, is a student at the University of Connecticut School of Law. Police arrested Bargh last week, based on emails she allegedly sent in February to the Student Bar Association regarding the search for the new law dean. Police claim that Bargh wrote:

“Let’s celebrate diversity by having the next dean NOT be Jewish.”

In and of itself, Bargh might have been able to pass this off as an incredibly off-color joke about affirmative action. After all, affirmative action is still a thing for another few hours before Fisher comes down. Unfortunately for Bargh, police decided this email wasn’t an isolated incident, after it was allegedly followed by ANOTHER anti-semitic email and a jab at an African-American school official.

Now the story sounds less like a conservative commentator making a tone-deaf, offensive joke, like an Elisabeth Hasselbeck, and more like the work of an aggressively racist person, like an Ann Coulter.

The story continues to describe some grading issues:

According to the report, three professors told police they had “bad encounters” with Bargh, because of poor grades, and also because she seems to have misunderstood their attempts to help her as sexual advances.

“Bargh has filed complaints against professors when she receives an unacceptable grade, and the professors feel that Bargh is tarnishing their reputations,” the documents state.

Whenever someone describes a grade as “unacceptable,” they should be forced to wear a name tag that says, “HI! I’m An Insufferable Pr#@k.” And accusing three professors of unfairly issuing bad grades so they can make passes at her in their offices? Either UConn Law runs like an amateur porn site, or someone’s a little full of themselves.

Police also discovered a Flickr account featuring mutilated Barbie dolls, meaning that Bargh has an extensive Barbie collection as an adult, which isn’t weird at all. Police claim the Flickr account included comments by Bargh directed at her professors, such as:

I hate you so much I would like to see you butchered.

Oh wow! I didn’t realize Bargh was a regular commenter at ATL.

Video of the news report below:

WFSB 3 Connecticut

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7 thoughts on “Law Student Arrested for Anti-Semitic, Racist, Threatening Comments

  1. I don’t understand what they arrested her for. If she said “I’m going to butcher you” that would be a threat, but saying “I’d like to see you butchered” is an expression of her opinion, and as a law student, she probably knows this.
    There’s a lot of people whom I would like to see suffer all kinds of bad things, because of bad things they’ve done. That’s why we put bad people in prisons.
    The girl was arrested by an idiot, and if her only “crimes” are listed here, she has good grounds for a lawsuit.

  2. She is PRO-Gentile. anti-GENTILISM is the cause of so-called antisemitism. Prehistoric Non-Jews did not sit around campfires and say “We HATE JEWS, We have never seen a Jew, They do not even exist yet, but We HATE THEM” and then wait thousands of years for a Jew to come along just so they could pick on him. Jews codified anti-GENTILISM into their Zenophobic Tribalism, and have been creating enemies by their rabid hatred of all “GOYIM”(NON-Jews) ever since. There was never such a thing as “antisemitism” until Jews came along and CAUSED IT.

  3. If the facts alleged are true, this woman is in need of psychiatric help. If the court does its job it will test the truth of these accusations. If found to be true she needs to be given help, not jail.

    Disturbed people like this do go on to commit murder, sometimes mass murder. Most don’t, they just continue to live their life trapped by illness, but some do. Either way, proper psychiatric and medical help is in her best interest and in the best interest of society.

    1. She is an American surrounded by communist Zionist Jews. I don’t know that she has done anything wrong, but it does appear that we now live in a nation wherein our people are punished for what they might do and how they believe.
      This woman has committed no crime against any individual and I’m sure we will never hear her side of the story. The Zionists are pushing a propaganda campaign as our people are finding them out and seeing what lowdown evil bastards they truly are.

    2. Paula, Psychicatric and medical help is in their best interest. The psychiatric and medical profession causes crazy psyco BS. Paula are you kidding me. who are you speaking for or who do you work for? The psychiatric and medical profesion is IMOHO the cause for a lot of psyco crap that is happing now days. they are the ones I think that cause all this racism and crap. F them jews they can go back where they came from and be satisfied with their perversion ways. Anti-semitic ways?well they should just either convert or go back to isreal and be happy with their perverted selves and leave the rest of the world alone!!!!!!!!!!!!! Get it?

  4. The professors who complained were probably jewish and when she
    snubbed their advances they extracted their revenge. It doesn’t take much;
    it’s their culture.

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