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LAWFULLY YOURSSent to us by Mary.

AntiCorruption Society – by Al Whitney

Lawfully Yours is a people’s empowerment guide to our corporate-commercial legal system. It contains invaluable information for all Americans.

Since the founding of our country, the ‘elite’ (and their robber baron partners) have fabricated our history, taken control of our economy and altered our form of government and legal system. The whole rather sordid tale is brilliantly exposed in Judge Dale’s The Great American Adventure – Secrets of America.  

The Lawfully Yours guide contains material authored by Judge Dale, retired, and strategies compiled by others familiar with the commercial nature of our courts. In it Judge Dale exposes our legal system – that we were never taught about – and reveals ways we can defend ourselves from our current parasitic corporate-government and injustice system. From Judge Dale, retired:

“The Federal and State Governments are not real. They are privately owned corporations [listed on Dun and Bradstreet] called governments . . . and the law is nothing more than their corporate regulations called statutes.”

As Judge Dale exposes, the private BAR attorneys have been indoctrinated into believing that we have a lawful system of justice, which we do not. Their job today is to prevent the American people from understanding our reality and to keep us all locked into the legal system BAR attorneys created and were trained to implement. Our current ‘legal system’ is a fraud and it works to their benefit and to our detriment. This truth was confirmed by Karen Hudes, former World Bank Attorney, during an interview. [World Bank Attorney exposes the bankers and the BAR]  Ms Hudes correctly stated that:

“I don’t want to believe that all of these lawyers and the American Bar Association are pulling a fast one on everybody like this, but I have no choice – that’s the way it is. If that’s the way it is, I’d rather admit that’s the way it is than sit there being a dupe.”

“. . . the ABA [American Bar Association] has lost all total credibility and they should apologize to the American people for what it is they have been doing. And they should disband!”

Both our government and our courts are playing Chess, while telling the people the game is Checkers.  If We the People wish to restore our unalienable birth rights, we need to learn to play Chess. The Lawfully Yours guide is one of many tools that independent researchers have put together to help the American people learn how not to consent to their own fleecing and/or enslavement.

Here is the Table of Contents of this guide:

SECTION 1- Introduction
Supreme Court Decisions that Expose the Scam
SECTION 2 – The Legal Process, by Judge Dale, retired
SECTION 3 – How to Defeat Admiralty Courts and “The Law of the See”
SECTION 4 – Lawful Strategies
Strategy a – Clarify
Strategy b – Inquire
Strategy c – Give Notice
SECTION 5 – Sample letters, questionnaires and notices
Sample I: Letter of Inquiry
Sample II: Corporate-government employee questionnaire
Sample III: Letter of Debt Validation
Sample IV: Vaccination Notice
Sample V: Employee/student Vaccination Notice
Sample VI: Smart Meter Notice
Sample VII: Pocket Card Notice of Non-consent
Sample VIII: Pocket Card Notice of Non-consent re: Forced Vaccinations or Quarantine
Sample IX: Child Protective Services Notice of Non-consent
References – Endnotes
APPENDIX A – Clearfield Doctrine
APPENDIX C – The Twelve Presumptions of Court

Download the Lawfully Yours guide (Fourth Edition) here (pdf)

Download the Word doc templates here

Download the 4 x 6 pocket card notices here

Spiral bound copies of the Lawfully Yours guide are available here

This info is free, just as Judge Dale’s info was free. There are those that generate income from other solutions or non-solutions that will likely oppose this guide. Unfortunately too many people have been programmed to think that if something is free it has no value. Isn’t that sad?

3 thoughts on “Lawfully Yours

  1. Thanks for this
    Ive been looking for something like this

    wonder how the lawyers and prosecutors in my area and from the local courts would like to have this information given to the entire citys population
    oh and the duped cops too lol

    I think i might test some lawyer i know to see what his reaction is .. you know .. fun and games ,, the F- you kind!

  2. Thank you! I have a question: Can a defendant who has already answered a civil summons and filed motions, but has not stepped into the courtroom yet, retroactively refuse to contract by filing the summons with the “I do not consent to this offer to contract. I do not consent to these proceedings.”?

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