League City Council passes resolution to keep undocumented citizens out

My Fox Houston – by Hilary Whittier

HOUSTON – League city council voted Tuesday night on the resolution aimed at keeping undocumented children out of their town.

It was a tally of 6-2 in favor of the resolution that states that city staff and agencies must decline federal requests or demands to set up any facility to house, process, or detain illegal immigrants.

Before each vote, council members explained why they chose yes or no. 

“We are forced into crisis management, which is exactly what the FEDS are doing right now and they are bumbling it every step of the way,” council member Heidi Thiess said.

Council members say it’s that bumbling by the feds that caused them to create this resolution in the first place.

But before council voted, it was the public who protested outside the chamber doors, and during Tuesday’s meeting, community members were given time to speak.

“What about all ore seniors. What about our veterans…the money we are spending on ask of these illegal’s is taking away from all of this,” one resident said.

Speaking of the issue of money, before council voted, members told us just how much the city is struggling financially.

“Our city is almost 200 million dollars on debt, that’s a lot of money,” a council member admitted.

That debt lead those who voted YES to remember this is not a case to be decided on emotionally.

“This is not an issue to be decided by emotion and I’m hearing a lot of emotion here. This is an issue that must be decided by reason and logic,”

council member Dan Becker said.


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