Leaked Images Reveal Children Warehoused In Crowded U.S. Cells, Border Patrol Overwhelmed

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Breitbart – by Brandon Darby

HOUSTON, Texas — Breitbart Texas obtained internal federal government photos depicting the conditions of foreign children warehoused by authorities on U.S. soil on Wednesday night. Thousands of illegal immigrants have overrun U.S. border security and their processing centers in Texas along the U.S./Mexico border. Unaccompanied minors, including young girls under the age of 12, are making the dangerous journey from Central America and Mexico, through cartel-controlled territories, and across the porous border onto U.S. soil.  

The photos illuminate the conditions of the U.S. Border Patrol’s processing centers, as well as the overwhelming task Border Patrol is facing.

Breitbart Texas Border Expert and Contributing Editor Sylvia Longmire reviewed the photos.

“Given the deteriorating security and economic conditions in the Central American countries where most of these children and adult immigrants came from, it’s hard to understand how DHS didn’t see this coming,” Longmire said. “The trend towards increased cross-border movement towards south Texas and away from Arizona has been apparent; the trend of Central Americans starting to outnumber Mexican crossers has been apparent. Even worse is believing that DHS knew this was coming, but didn’t have the resources or ability to cut through bureaucratic red tape to prepare more quickly.

“Now the results of this mismanagement are thousands of individuals living in inhumane conditions for an indeterminate period of time, as well as exhausted and overwhelmed Border Patrol agents and CBP detention facilities,” Longmire continued. “The Obama administration’s band-aid fix has been to ship a good portion of these immigrants — many of whom are weak, emotionally vulnerable, sick, and confused — to other sectors as far as San Diego county in California and release them with no obligation other than to show up for a hearing in 15 days.

“Most of those released will abscond and never show up for their hearings, taking their chances that ICE won’t have the time or resources to go looking for them,” she added. “Until they can get to where they want to go, they’re overwhelming local community resources in cities like Laredo, El Paso, and Tucson that haven’t had enough time to prepare for this ‘solution.’ This is an awful way to showcase what cartel and gang violence is doing to children and their families in Central America, and it’s a humiliating example of what our government’s inability to develop solid immigration and border security policies can cause.”

Breitbart Texas provides the internal U.S. government photos below.

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3 thoughts on “Leaked Images Reveal Children Warehoused In Crowded U.S. Cells, Border Patrol Overwhelmed

  1. Unfrigginbelievable!

    Gee…maybe if they would spend more money on our own country and enforcing our borders rather than on Israel and their Zionist wars, we wouldn’t have this problem, now would we?

    Maybe if we didn’t advertise for free food stamps and social security for Mexicans and instead advertise that they will be shot on sight if they cross over the border, then maybe they wouldn’t want to cross our borders ILLEGALLY. Ever think of that? It’s called ENFORCEMENT!

    But noo………the Communist/Zionists are hell bent on destroying this country from the inside out.

    HANG ‘EM ALL!!!

  2. A planned trojan horse, I suspect:

    “Oh, but the poor children have no one to care for them…”, says reporter.

    “..uh, yeah, gee, that’s a problem…uh…hmmmm…
    well, let’s just bring their families from mexico to care for them…
    Besides, as payback for our generosity, they can tend my favorite golf courses and all vote for Hillarity in 2016.”, teleprompts Obummer.

    “So send them back”, says citizen # 4567544 (while being tased, tackled, and beaten into the ground)

    “You evil demonic RACIST!”, screams LaRaza

    “Indeed, indeed. Send citizen # 4567544 to the fema re-education camps”, echos ADL, AIPAC, SPLC, NAACP…etc.

    Seriously, though, immigration tides are very difficult to turn. If this isn’t stopped in the ‘get-go’ then america will no longer be america.

    If this wave of immigration succeeds, world ‘jewry’ will get what it wants: no meaningful opposition within the US against any of jewry’s ambitions (including disarmament), more cannon fodder for the endless wars against the whole world, practically free labor, more voters to vote for more bread & circus. This just ends with america being yet another jew ruined and controlled slave sector on the planet.

    Renaissance or ruin…that’s the choice confronting america.


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