Parents say middle school students suspended over FB post


A group of Spalding County middle school students is facing suspension over a Facebook post about the school dress code.

“And (the principal) was like, ‘OK, you’re a threat to our school,’ and then she suspended me,” a 7th grade student told Channel 2’s Wendy Corona.

The student, who did not want to show her face, says one student’s Facebook post got about two-dozen classmates at Cowan Road Middle School suspended.    

All of the students either shared or commented on a Facebook post, which was made on Sunday.  The post told classmates to break dress code through the final week of school and started simply with wearing red on Monday.

The 7th-grader responded, “I’m in.”

She said she never planned to follow through.

“No, because I was too scared and I didn’t wear a red shirt.  It would’ve been like I was actually a part of it.”

By Thursday, the post escalated to, “Everything they say we can’t wear, wear,” and, “We need the hallways packed and out of control” with everyone participating.

The string of comments show at least one student told a parent.  It is not clear how the school found out. The district said they would not comment on disciplinary actions.

The end of the post threatens whoever might snitch.

“To me it was just a bunch of 13-year-olds acting crazy,” said Christopher Cagle, the father of a suspended honor roll student.

Cagle said the principal called the students’ actions terroristic threats. He said the principal was too swift and severe with the punishment.

“You should at least contact us first and let us know to be aware of this and that way we could’ve disciplined our own kid instead of y’all taking action against her,” Cagle said.

Now the suspended students will stand by for their date before a tribunal, which will decide if more disciplinary action will be taken.

6 thoughts on “Parents say middle school students suspended over FB post

  1. Terroristic threats? Exactly who was getting threatened with bodily harm, or what property was at risk?

    Sounds more like a civil rights violation by the Principal.

  2. You’ve been face-f$&@ed…lol.

    If you value your privacy, stop using face-book and start learning encryption.
    Use TOR. Use freenet. And at least make it very difficult for them.

    Facebook should change it’s name to Openbook.


  3. The principal should not be allowed within 1000 yards of any child under the age of 21. This person is a MORON and quite possibly dangerous.

  4. I’ve noticed that whenever anyone goes against anything that another person has any control over they use the ” you’re a threat or that’s terroristic ” tactic! Just another way to keep control of others like spoiled little bitches!

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