4 thoughts on “Lunatic CHP cops go berzerk as female motorist successfully demands her rights under CA Vehicle code

  1. Recently I got a call from a telemarketer attempting to get donations for Highway Patrol. I got angry and said when they stop harassing, beating and shooting us call me then right now not a dime. They do not protect and serve anymore.

  2. From the 3:40 mark to the 4:40 mark, that is what I have to deal with when I talk to the Round Rock police. You say, “Ok can I talk now?” and when they say, “Yes”, you start to talk and when you explain them the law or the Constitution, or basically explained to them that they just contradicted what they are saying, they get all offensive and immediately say things like, “I follow the Texas State Law” or “Do you really think you know the law better than me? Are you really going to challenge me a police officer who’s had more experience than you about the law? Again, you don’t know the law and you’re misguided by the MSM or CSI. That’s not how it works. I’m the police officer. You obey me and that’s how it’s going to be or I will be forced to arrest you and haul you off to jail. Is that how it’s going to be?” Or they do the, “Stop Stop Stop!!! This conversation is over.” Or the infamous Round Rock way of weaseling out of a conversation. “No No no. Stop stop stop! You’re hearing me, but you’re not listening to me. Just stop. It’s over.” WTF?? And then when you continue, they haul your ass into the police car and say, “You are mentally unstable and need to sit in the back of the car for awhile until you cool down and know how to say, “Yes sir, officer god sir. I’m not worthy of you. Please forgive me. You are so much smarter than me. I do not deserve be in your presence or look upon you unless spoken to.”

    These are the sick bastards we are dealing with people! Is this the kind of tyranny you want? The kind of slavery you want to live under? I sure as hell don’t. F**K ‘EM ALL and may they all burn in HELL!

    1. Damn right NC. I have also experienced that kind of treatment and I experienced it back in the early 70 late 60`s and again in the late 90`s. Screw them bastards. We didn`t start the fire, they did and I hope they all burn in hell.

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