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You shout this at the top of your lungs as if you know what it means. Although, if you really are rebelling – that is cutting yourself from the cord of tyrants – you are most certainly not 99% of the population. 99% may not be implementing the agenda of psychopaths, but 99% of us are also not necessarily doing anything about it. If the odds really did add up to that, the real counter-world would not have the challenge we do to get the real 99%  away from the plasma screen for more than ten minutes to look at what the government that represent them are doing. They do NOT represent me and they do NOT represent you if you can read this without cognitive dissonance.  

It is an insult to anyone seriously removing themselves from tyranny to put  us in league with drooling masses currently paying tribute, working at banks, collecting the government dole, voting for tweedle dee and tweedle dumb. The rest of us have worked hard to break our dependence and that 99% do not deserve the same credit. Those who read into a small fraction of the mystery like the economy or Zionism,   and then stop looking as if they’re at the apex of the problem. The truth is that it is not some people in government, it is all government.  It is not some people in control, it is the sickness that is the need to control. And your need to be controlled is because you’re too afraid to make decisions for and defend yourself.

No, I’m afraid that if we were the 99%, the situation would not be so grave.  If that great a number were really working against control, we would already be in control of our own lives. Unless what you mean is that 99% of us are neutrally sitting around quoting relatively subversive movies like V or bitching about their money on Wall Street then, my apology, you are the 99%.

But it takes so much more than that. These bizarre circuses that excite the inherent rebellion in all of us, just enough that you feel satisfied without doing anything about your own livelihood’s dependence on tyranny. The truth is  that few of us actually want an end to tyranny because they wouldn’t know where the next meal would come from. This is because they haven’t taken the responsibility to ensure that through their own self worth, not buying power.

You have a credit card, a mortgage, you have worked for them all of your life, yet you insultingly call yourself the 99% because you can’t get a job in the food court and this is why you repeat these mind numbing memes. The point is not to bring the corporate jobs back. Do you get it yet? The point is to eliminate the need for them. Slaves that first came to this country had the exact opposite problem. Americans are most proficient at this because they have instituted the first voluntary slavery. This degrading work force where you repeat whatever equally mind numbing slogan that your respective bosses tell you to, to avoid the “horrors” of manual labor. The madness continues because we work for them more than we work for the people and ourselves.  When we lose the opportunity to  support the machine, we complain about not having the boon to mankind that is voluntary wage slavery.

No, I’m afraid that if you understand this, you are not among the 99% of us!

The alternative is to work together  in a way that soon we won’t need the outside to agree with us. If we can produce our own food and technologies then it will be soon. What they do will not affect us and it won’t be a matter of getting the controllers to stop what they are doing, it will be a mater of continuing what we do for ourselves.

If you’re in debt, get out of debt soon.  It makes no matter how you do that, some  may choose to sell their consumer junk to achieve that while others may choose to use a debt cancellation service. Either way, until you get out of debt you’ll still be a wage slave.

Stop being someone’s wage slave.  For some of you it may require that you become SELF EMPLOYED and for others it may mean going off the grid and becoming truly SELF SUFFICIENT!

Most importantly stop being controlled by the MainStreamMedia and politicians who know all the right buzz words to activate your mind to their benefit.

Until you become really FREE, all the bitching in the world will only be a pressure release valve that TPTB know only too well how to use and all the bitching in the world will  only work to keep you in this rotting corrupt system.

by Jess

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11 thoughts on “Not 99%

  1. Agreed. Those who spout out about the 99% are often the same ones who spew vitriol at the tea party. Go figure. The tea party may have problems, but it ain’t the 1%, that’s for sure.

  2. I have always looked forward to your articles here Sheila and Dan. A simple life is a honest life and a honest life is worth livin`. Keep posting eh. you guys are good motivation 🙂

  3. “If you’re in debt, get out of debt soon. It makes no matter how you do that, some may choose to sell their consumer junk to achieve that while others may choose to use a debt cancellation service. Either way, until you get out of debt you’ll still be a wage slave.”

    I have to disagree with this. We will all be debt free once the SHTF (VERY soon), so I will continue to pay the absolute minimum on my credit card debts until then.

    The banksters can then EAT the rest of that debt, and I hope they choke on it.

    Besides, collecting that debt from the end of a rope could present a serious problem for them.

  4. Well, you can write all you want, but there’s a big problem in the U.S.

    One, is that it’s no longer Homogenous Americans born and raised in the U.S. – Educated and Middle Class.

    The majority are from other countries, and their loyalty is NOT for the country. Frankly, as long as they can have a few pennies a day, and a roof with a doz. on the floor, keeping them warm, THEY DON’T CARE WHAT HAPPENS!

    Immigrants that come from dictatorships, that have become accustomed to it, and don’t care about the Bill of Rights or whichwayr the government goes.

    Immigrants from islamic coutnries, Africa, Asia, Mexico. Thse latter have NO loyalty to the U.S., in fact, they strive to break off part of the U.S. to go back to Mexico. Imagine the irony, thet these Meicans flee the tyranny and lawlessness and corruption in Mexico, yet, they want to take taht part of the U.S. and hand it right back to Mexico.

    The Blacks chose this Management, jumping in the pit with both feet, TWICE because they thought, the skin color of obummer was similar to theirs. They could see the picture forming in the first term, but were still delusional. What is said, ” Last hired, first fired?” Still and all, that doesn’t matter, is there’re no jobs to begin with. So, if the Whites suffer, so will the Blacks.

    And, perhaps, the last reason, the Mass of People don’t move because:
    of the Mind Numbing Fluoride in the water, suppressing the thinking part of the brain.

    THere’s also one thing, that’s taking shape in my thinking.

    We’ve had TWO GENERATIONS – at least, to fix the problems, to nip them in the bud.

    Now, we’re blaming the young People, for them.

    What is this?

    It’s been the Older People that have brought them into these Problems, and we’ re sliding them all onto the shoulders of our children?


    We’re the ones that caused them. That didn’t do anything about what’s going on. Didn’t stop tptb, BEFORE we’re got where we’re at.

    As far as I can figure, the Young People, are just in shock! They’re in that state, and feeling quite overwhelmed and hopeless.

    What have we done to them?

    This is now so much, that all they can do is sit back and ignore it, and do nothing. But we did it! It is the Older Generation that’s to blame.

    1. Screw you Erbie. What you are sayin is irresponsible. I am a baby boomer, do I blame my parents for all of the crap that was brought on back during ww2 or the korean war or how about the vietnam war. In fact the kids now days have more knowledge to do something than we ever did back in the 60`s, I not sayin` that we were right back in the sixties but we didn`t have internet and the power of communication like they do now days. Hell, there was a draft back then and we protested that………. It is the POS govt. that is to blame along with the people that believe in the govt. as it is now days. Don`t be blaming the older ganeration for the problems of today – we all trusted the govt. and they shit on us all, excuse my language.. Put the blame on the PTB, Ernie. Maybe we all should blame your parents for having you ernie.

    2. Let me get this straight, Ernie. So WE’RE to blame for the so-called ‘government’s’ policy of allowing tens of millions of illegal aliens into the country, with little or no attempt to stem the tide? And exactly WHAT would you propose we do about it? Shoot them on sight as they cross the border, and either get shot ourselves, or go to prison for our efforts?

      What freaking planet are you living on?

      You’re a great one for putting the blame on US, without the slightest mention of the true perpetrators of the majority of the problems in not only this country, but the rest of the world as well – the ZIONISTS. You sound like an A.J. clone to me. Do you even have the foggiest notion what the NWO is about, or who’s behind it?

      Judging by your inane comment, most of us would have no choice but to assume you’re clueless.

      Pitiful armchair quarterbacking. Hit the showers, bozo.

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