Man Charged With Obstruction Of Police Officer During Operation Thunder Stop

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Augusta, GA – James Eades of Augusta is charged with obstruction of a police officer, stemming from an incident during Operation Thunder, but he says there is much more to the story than that.

Eades says that he and a friend were driving down Alexander Drive early Friday morning when they came to an Operation Thunder Checkpoint on River Watch Parkway. What happened during that stop lead to Eades getting arrested… and he says it’s all because he didn’t roll down his window all the way

“We saw what appeared to be an accident scene. A couple of police cars with blue lights, a car carrier and a couple of cars sitting around with no lights on,” says Eades.

James Eades says he pulled a u-turn to avoid what could be a traffic delay, but as it turns out, the police presence wasn’t from a car accident, it was actually an Operation Thunder checkpoint. So when officers saw Eades turning around, they went after him.

“When he turned his blue lights on I immediately pulled over to the side of the road, put my window down about halfway,” says Eades.

Eades says the officer told him to roll down his window all the way. He says he didn’t want to roll it down anymore than it already was, and that’s when the officer told Eades he was obstructing his investigation.

“I think in this instance the guy didn’t want to let the window down, didn’t want to talk to the officer and didn’t want to give him the information. So when you don’t give the information you can be charged with obstruction on a traffic stop,” says Lt. Amelio Lamkin of the Richmond County Sheriff’s Office.

Eades says he was arrested and charged because he didn’t roll a window down. He says he wasn’t doing anything illegal, he was just protecting himself. But police say you have to cooperate with officers during traffic stops.

If you come to a road block, police say the best thing to do is to roll down your window all the way, put both of your hands on the steering wheel, and if you have to look inside of your glove box, make sure you let the officer know that before you do so.

Avoiding a road block is a big no-no and if you do so, you will be pulled over. Eades says Operation Thunder is nothing but an intimidation game in Richmond County.

“It’s obviously to cite and arrest as many people as possible, and to raise as much revenue as possible,” says Eades.

But the Sheriff’s Office says it’s about safety

“Our overall goal is to lower the number of crashes, lower the number of injuries and lower the number of fatalities in Richmond County,” says Lamkin.

Eades says his bond was $1,300 and he says his court date is set for June 20th, where he will fight the charges.

As for the Richmond County Sheriff’s Office, Operation Thunder will continue through May and as of right now, Lieutenant Lamkin says traffic fatalities are down 23%.


18 thoughts on “Man Charged With Obstruction Of Police Officer During Operation Thunder Stop

  1. It’s about getting the sheeple to give up their civil liberties. It’s about getting the sheeple to give up their Bill of Rights. It’s about conditioning the sheeple to accept the police state and martial law as a good thing and normal everyday life………for their safety of course.

  2. Owning a car is becoming more trouble than they;re worth. I know some must have them, but becoming more pain in the ass than the almost 9,000 a year they are costing us, and now all of these f&%cking check points. The things are now loaded with computers, they have you by the short ones. They can track you silly if they want to. Damn………………………..

    I will never buy a new car, 1964 or older for me. A 1964 caddy Deville with a 492 will do me just fine thanks. Plenty of room, easy to fix and they haul ass in comfort.

  3. I hope he SUES the CRAP out of these A$$holes.. They violated his rights.. I pray he has a good lawyer to take them down.

  4. This is why i just bought a 1964 jeep cj-6.No smog,no computers,it dosen’t haul a$$ but it will climb a tree if need be and it can go where cop cars can’t.Just need a few extra jerry cans cause it’s a drinker.

  5. you gotta be a scumbag to be a cop. did you see the affirmative blaction cop he could barely speak English he sounded retardted

  6. Here in New Zealand, this is pretty routine. There are road blocks for drink driving, car warrant of fitness (one every 1 yr or 6 mths), to make sure people have paid car registration, paid road user charges (tax) for diesel vehicles. Because there is a lot of drink driving here & a few deaths from it, road blocks were easy to implement. Due to lack of back roads, it is easy to set up a road block on a main road, even to the beginning of the motorway (highway). When stopped, one has to blow into a breathalyzer, give name & address & the cops also ask if you have had anything to drink. Most people incriminate themselves by saying “yes” to just one drink which then leads the cops to get suspicious of you. There are limits up to which one can drink without getting busted. It is all very quick but we are in police state now which most NZers are in denial about. As a side note, gun registration is compulsory & police vetting made by way of the officer coming to your house to interview you & getting a reference from someone who is also vetted. They also check to see where you are going to store your gun even if you don’t have one! The licence is for ten years which can be renewed after a small test & payment. If the licence is not being renewed, your rifle/shotgun must be handed in to police or sold before your licence runs out. The police are worried as there are at least a million rifles & shotguns owned & only 4.5 million people. So why are they worried? :o)

      1. Thanks, it sure is. For all of NZ’s woes, I would still prefer to live here than in the States. Come by again & visit the North. Today is the opening of Duck Season . Time to get the shotgun out! :o)

        1. Started out in Auckland, then on to Rotorua (the glow worm caves were awesome!), then to Christchurch, and last of all, Queensland (my favorite stop, beautiful, scenic location). Went on to Australia after that.

  7. “Operation Thunder” where do they come up with these names?
    I am getting so sick of their catch phrases, “Operation” This or That, Hair Cut, Bail In, Lockdown, undocumented, on and on……

    “Put your window down all the way, and your hands on the steering wheel”
    B.S. my window is only going half way down, my doors will be locked, my phone recording and I’ll probably be smoking, so my hands most likely won’t be on the steering wheel. I’m glad I have a good radar detector, so I can have a heads up while I’m a distance away.

    These Thugs and ptb make me sick.

  8. The man was right and cops was simply doing what they do best,Lie. Its all about training the sheep to do what the unconstitutional pigs tell them to do! Control of the citizens is the name of the game now and the safety they are thinking they are ensuring is their own.As the man stated ,he was doing nothing wrong and that what pissed of the cop! The dogs are suppose to heel and he didn’t.

  9. A check point is ILLEGAL and UNCONSTITUTIONAL. If you have committed no crime and or they have no probable cause to pull you over, waiting in ambush for anyone that comes their way is NOT probable cause, they are committing a crime. The best way to deal with this is to shoot them in the face. If people start enforcing the law, these MFers will scatter to the ends of the earth in fear for their lives, as they should.

  10. well if its any consolation chemtrails and radiation doesn’t discriminate. i was thinking how ob is making these guys in uniform look stupid without much exertion on his part. just seems odd to me. i can’t quite put my finger on it.

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