19 thoughts on “Mark Koernke and Henry Shivley discuss the state of the Patriot Movement

  1. 25mn into it…. RIGHT. F’G ON, HENRY!!!!!!!! Just because spineless stupid people “vote”, doesn’t mean they’re justified in supporting this f’g s@#t show fraud!!!!!! They are only the other side of the coin the commie-kike traitors hold! The “lesser” of two evils is still EVIL, and it is THEIR agent for their cause. WE were NEVER trumpers to begin with so DON’T call US “trumpouts”. C@#ksucker.

  2. I’m sorry Henry i may be wrong but i just don’t like Ed. he’s talking about DIFFERENT points of view, alternative messages or whatever.. he ain’t no count. I’m mailing you a prize Friday. been meaning to and wanting to.. now I’m making myself. i don’t know you but you’re a good man.

  3. The patriot movement was hi-jacked by the trumpers, just like the libertarians were by the alex jones’s.

  4. Geez, Henry, ya dun marched into hell, through flame and sulfur, smoke and mirrors. I saw you come to Mark with respect, initially practicing restraint, until it was all too much and ya had to slam the truth out there right into the b.s. like glorious sunshine. And you wasted no time gettin’ right to the point: Voting and Trump. The responses came in tinges of doublespeak and soft baby Pablum. You were asked to be “patient” with the very entities that are infringing on our rights. Can’t imagine these guys wanting to sanction the voting process as if it’s not a toxic enterprise. It’s jaw-dropping that anyone would still believe that process is legitimate and is of-and-for the people. This is a bold propping up of the state, via the Trump Train and the Republican Party, taking advantage of people by steering them back to the bureaucracy, to the oppressor. The whole thing felt like a direct hit from the enemy.

    Henry, you were a LION in there today. And just ’cause these guys name the Jews doesn’t mean they’re right on all other issues, but it felt like they saw themselves as the ones who are out in front. I hardly know these folks at all but the one guy (Ed, I think) kept asking you who you’ve cultivated and brought to the table. I kept thinking of all the brilliant commentators here at The Trenches where every day I and others learn so much and share so much. Let no one invalidate those efforts and contributions. Awareness is rising continuously because of you and your team and the platform you provide. Awareness of what REAL FREEDOM is and what we have to do to protect it. I know what you did today will help many of us to up our game, go further. Damn, Henry, THANK YOU!!!


  5. is there an archive for the intel report shows anymore? i know that the archives that Spike used to keep up are no longer current.

  6. Greetings. Had been waiting for Intelligence Report archives to be posted past Feb 27 or so.
    Found this and other shows also suddenly stopped. Read later that Spike died.
    Spike, rest in peace and freedom, thank you for archiving these shows.
    Will download this show for my CD player.
    Democracy is majority rule: daftlings, retards, imbeciles, goofs, idjits
    seem to now be the majority, and they vote.
    Aquire supplies and specialized information for your families while you can.
    God save the Republic.

  7. Proud of you Henry,

    Cant really add to anything everybody else said, only that it’s a sad day in the patriot community when everybody can’t get on the same damn page.

    Little surprised at Ed.

  8. Okay. I hope I don’t make any enemies here, but I am of a slightly different opinion than most of you.

    While the two clowns from the micro effect show were definitely shoveling BS and working against us, I still believe that Mark Koernke is sincere, and honest. And it’s also very possible that he never heard the other shows that Henry pointed out where working for the enemy. (and Henry’s right about that)

    We’re all here to educate the brainwashed masses, because they do join our side when they know the truth. Radio shows, CDs, and written articles all have the goal of education behind their production, and they’re necessary, because the fact of the matter is that Americans are severely undereducated in civic matters and duties.

    I can’t attack everyone who’s still ignorant, because I knew nothing about common law courts myself before learning about them from Henry. I can’t hang someone for their ignorance without putting the noose around my own neck too, and we also have plenty of veterans on our side who never knew they were fighting for the Zionists.

    I could be wrong, but it sounded to me like the debate centered around Koernke being for endless education, and Henry believing that there’s no excuse for people not being able to see through the lies today.

    When I’m angrier than I am now, I feel exactly as Henry does. For God’s sake we’ve been educating people for decades, and there’s no excuse for any of them still supporting the system in any way (by voting, for example). BUT…. in a calmer frame of mind, I also understand that we not only tasked with education, but deprogramming as well.

    People are still waking up, and faster than ever now, as the tide has definitely turned, but I also know good people who are still grasping onto the fictitious reality, who’ll eventually be supporting us wholeheartedly. I don’t think they should be hanged or deported for falling for the same programming we were all victims of at one time or another. People actively working for the other side are a different story, but the ignorant should be educated, and as I stated earlier, that’s what most of us are here to do.

    It’s not like teaching arithmetic. There’s a lot of resistance in a human mind to knowing things that are as horrifying as the truth of our political situation. We’ve gone past that stage, and have arrived at the “acceptance” point in the learning process, but we shouldn’t abandon those who haven’t, and I do believe we should be tolerant of them for as long as we can be.

    There will come a time when every person is either “part of the solution, or part of the problem”, but I don’t think we’re there yet.

    Henry’s absolutely right about the micro-effect shills, and I think this boils down to he and Mark having a different philosophy regarding when to draw the line. Personally, I think we should keep educating until the shooting starts, because it will result in more people shooting in the same direction.

    1. Henry, I’m very glad that you studied what you did, and that you know what you do. I’m also very grateful for the education that you passed on to me.

      Let’s “share the wealth”, and teach others, as you’ve been doing a great job of every day.

      And yes, there is no excuse for participating in an illegal, occupying force controlling our country. It’s treason, and it’s a hanging crime, but some slack should be given to unwitting victims of media brainwashing. I guess that sums up my opinion on the matter…… today.

      When I’m angry, you’ve heard me say “I don’t even know who’s side I’m on anymore, because I want to see the American people get what they deserve for their ignorance and stupidity”.

      I guess I can go either way on that debate depending on my mood at the time, and that’s when it’s wise to “let cooler heads prevail”.

    2. The people I’m talking about not only refuse the truth, but are teaching lies that benefit the agenda of bringing our old masters back in control.
      Straight up honest, brother, mad or placid, I am done with those who say they don’t see it. Just watching that Fox News they love so much shows the lies and duplicity. I believe it doesn’t have a goddamn thing to do with ignorance. These people are cowards, and those who have compromised and whose only goal is to keep what they have accumulated though going along with it, and they do not give one little shit about the rest of us.
      Anyway, this is what I see.

      1. And you’re probably 100% right. I’m a little surprised by what I see on video clips posted that are taken from MSM news, and since I don’t watch TV myself, I can’t always be sure what’s out there.

        Maybe it is pure cowardice, and maybe they should know by now.

        I’m not really qualified to have an opinion on the matter because I don’t watch TV. When I do see clips, there’s sometimes a lot more being exposed than I’d ever expect.

        I may have to get a TV just to see what people ought to be knowing by now. Truth does get forced onto the tube because they have to maintain credibility. I don’t know how far that may have gone.

        1. one thing I do know is that the pair from the micro effect clip you played on your show were definitely working for the enemy.

  9. Yeah….

    That was a brutal conversation.

    But what I can say is that…

    Henry has a gift.

    The gift of discernment.

    The ability to know what is right….and what is wrong.

    The ability to decipher.

    Oh…plus he has ballz of steel.

    They go..

    Clickity Clack when he walks.


  10. Ed, kept asking Henry who you’ve cultivated and brought to the table, Is this the game they are playing? Its time for planning and action to end this war!! The thing to remember is the right people will find their place, as time moves on, you can not pull people in or wait on someone to do the right thing, like teaching them to do a radio show. Great job Henry.

    P.S. I’m listening to Microeffect and not one work about any of it, so far!!!

  11. Well, some here have known Mark K. for a long time. He’s kinda new for me, in that I had long ago heard of him but hadn’t studied him in depth, so I guess I get to look at him fresh, and without a preconceived idea of what he’s supposed to live up to. That said… For me, Mark came off like he was using polished debating tools, like something from the motivational archives of life coach, Tony Robbins. Stay calm, build bridges, suggest patience. It seemed very calculated and controlled. Had he come out and said he agreed that the vote is b.s. he would have garnered some points with me, but he made excuses for it. He played lukewarm, being masterfully tactful.

    I went to sleep thinking it’s possible his conscience will ignite and he’ll call in to The Word and report that he’s seen the light. That he knows the vote is b.s. and is now committed to screaming about it. And that he also knows how church and state are sleeping together to keep the people in submission. Next he admits the the patriot movement has been hijacked and is being steered into Trumpdom and toward the Republican Party-Boys and their war toys. He shares that he’s now surrendering all half-measures and publicly elevating The Bill of Rights as every man’s protection, and The Common Law as the only law of the land. So what I had was a daydream at night. In my life I have seen some daydreams come true.

    Anyhow, I see him show up here once in a while, so maybe he’s reading this, and maybe some here are reaching him. I keep thinking of that quote: “You cannot serve two masters.” And Mark, what I gather from my johnny-come-lately perspective is that you have long been trusted and respected. Not something to let slip lightly away. Forgive me, Mark, for not knowing more about your contributions. All I have to go on is how I perceive you in present time. Can’t say for sure but I think something good may spring from all this conflict. Henry’s tenacity has a way of bringing that about. I think we Trenchers love Henry enough that we’d tell him the truth in terms of how he interacted with you. For me, truth be told, he was more gentlemanly than I expected. But his passion surfaced so powerfully because he knows we’re at critical mass and is forever perched on his lookout weeding out any who may infringe on freedom. What he brings offers us a way out from under. And ain’t we all so tired of being “under”?


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