Maryland man says he saved passenger in deadly crash, had his own vehicle seized by police

Fox 5 DC – by Anjali Hemphill

 – D.C. police are investigating a deadly crash that happened along Suitland Parkway Sunday night.

Kyree Payne of Northeast D.C. died when the car he was driving sped off the road and crashed into a tree.

A Maryland man, who says he risked his life to save a passenger in that car, has now had his car confiscated by police.  

Benjamin Davis is stranded at his home after he says D.C. police had his car towed when he tried to a save a life by risking his own.

“I don’t know those gentlemen – I don’t know anyone – I just saw an accident happen. I just wanted to help someone and that’s what I thought I did. And I was treated like a suspect,” Davis said.

He says he was driving along Suitland Parkway just before midnight Sunday when he saw a silver Acura in front of him veer off the road, roll down an embankment and hit a tree. Davis says his first instinct was to pull over and help.

“I rushed down, and out of the passenger window, there was an individual hanging out halfway, and his friend was like crushed down on top of his body – the hood of the car was crushed down,” he said. “I pulled him out on to the ground. The other guy, he appeared already dead to me. He was trapped in by the roof and everything.”

Davis says police and EMS arrived minutes later, and he stayed on scene to tell them what he saw. After answering the officers’ questions, he was told he could leave.

But Davis told FOX 5 he only drove a block away before he was pulled over and officers confiscated his car.

“This is strange they just sent me away from an accident scene. So why are you pulling me over?” he said. “They were like – no, if you don’t want to stay, your car is being towed. So l was like, ‘What is going on here? What is this really about?’ They said, ‘You don’t want to cooperate, your car will get towed.’ My vehicle was stolen. I was not written a citation or ticket or anything for any infraction, so there is no probable cause to even pull my vehicle over. I’m just upset that someone lost their life. They had no respect for human life. Someone died there. I don’t know what was going on with those people or what. But somebody died there and they treated everyone like suspects and it was just horrible.”

Davis says he has been in touch with the mother of the man he saved. He says the man is still fighting for his life in the hospital.

4 thoughts on “Maryland man says he saved passenger in deadly crash, had his own vehicle seized by police

  1. This is extremely disgusting! Just shows the depth of corruption. They’ll steal a man’s car after he saves a person.

  2. What amazes me is how even a black cop will treat a black man like sht, just goes to show you, being an commie asshole is colorblind. Not sure what happened here, or what color the cops were, just sayin….just look at that video where the cops tore that baby away from the mother, black cops, black mother and baby. UNBELIEVABLE!

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