Massive Blaze Destroys Historic 338-Year-Old Nantucket Hotel

Gateway Pundit – by Cristina Laila

Nantucket, Massachusetts – A massive blaze early Saturday morning destroyed the historic 338-year-old Veranda House Hotel, the Nantucket Fire Department said.

It is unclear what caused the fire.

“The actions of the citizens and the Captain saved lives,” the fire department said.

According to the department, all guests and employees were safely evacuated and no civilians were injured.

Two firefighters were transported to a local hospital after suffering heat exhaustion.

The fire spread and damaged surrounding buildings.

“Fire was unable to be contained to the building involved and has spread to several surrounding buildings,” the department said in a news release. “Damage to the structures involved is extensive with several of the buildings being total losses.”

NBC News reported:

The historic Veranda House Hotel on Nantucket was damaged on Saturday after huge blaze ripped through the building.

Firefighters received a report that the hotel, which is more than 338 years old, was on fire early Saturday morning, according to a release from the Nantucket Fire Department.

Fire officials rushed to help those inside, entering the building without protective equipment to ensure no one was stranded inside the inferno, the report states. Two people were found and guided out of the hotel safely, according to the department.

All hotel guests were evacuated and the Nantucket Fire Department reported that no civilians were injured in the fire.

Two firefighters were transported to local hospitals for suspected heat exhaustion and another was transported for a back injury, the report said. An updated report on Sunday said that a fourth firefighter was also seen at a nearby hospital. Three of the four firefighters taken to the hospital were released the same day. One was held overnight for observation, according to the release, and discharged from the hospital on Sunday.

Videos of the blaze were posted to social media.

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