Mayor Bloomberg Heckled in Final Veterans Day Parad

Mayor Michael Bloomberg at the 2013 Veteran's Day memorial on Nov. 11, 2013 in New York City. (screenshot/YouTube/NTD TelevisionThe Epoch Times – by Kristen Meriwether

NEW YORK—Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s final address at the Veterans Day ceremony at Madison Square Park was interrupted by a heckler on Monday.

The mayor, who arrived after the festivities started due to heavy traffic, was interrupted by mid-way through his short speech.

A man seated near the front and dressed in a camouflage jacket stood up just after Bloomberg congratulated Mayor-Elect Bill de Blasio on his victory. The man shouted an expletive, to which the mayor said, “thank you sir, we appreciate that.”  

It took several seconds before the mayor’s security detail approached the man, who continued to yell “power to the people” with his arm raised, and escorted him out. The man yelled, “stop, stop and frisk” while being hauled away.

The mayor took the criticism in stride and used the opportunity to tie in a message of freedom on Veterans Day.

“Let me just point out something. In no other country could somebody do that. Just remember that,” Bloomberg said to laughs and claps from the audience.

The mayor, who will leave office on Dec. 31, vowed to be back at the event next year, albeit as a citizen, and not on stage.

“Maybe I will watch the parade,” the mayor said, “maybe I will come and stand in the back.”

The heckler was not arrested, according to DCPI.

2 thoughts on “Mayor Bloomberg Heckled in Final Veterans Day Parad

  1. Just remember in no other country can some body yell at an event and be hauled away against his will by paid thugs. JUST REMEMBER THAT.

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