2 thoughts on “1960’S SUBLIMINAL MESSAGES (in slow motion)

  1. Media manipulation is artfully used by all political parties to send bogus messages.

    Watch this all the way through. It shows how you are all being played.
    It is all a set-up, an act, a scam, – all of it! It’s been planned and rehearsed. Watch all the way through. It’s worth it! Most people fall for it and can’t believe that their hero candidate would scam them. Well now you can show them the scam. They can see it for themselves.

    Notice how very fast Hillary turns her head around! How did she suddenly know to look around behind her? How did Obama know to look behind and at just the right moment? And his speech was conveniently about ObamaCare.

    Don’t miss this. Watch all of it. Don’t jump to the conclusion that you already saw this on TV. The TV news will NEVER show you this! And don’t forget to pass it around. Post it everywhere and email it to your friends.

    See it for yourself, it’s an amazing scam: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dGZ4WeQwmIk

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