McChrystal: “National service” would be a good thing

January 13, 2013 8:36 AM CBS News

Gen. Stanley McChrystal explains why he think it’s important that more citizens serve – especially with a military that’s less than 1 percent of the population.

12 thoughts on “McChrystal: “National service” would be a good thing

  1. My Fellow Americans:

    McChrystal is already slated for our Nuremburg trials for treason,.. disregard anything that this bag of filth says.

    JD – US Marines – This traitor will be held accountable for his treason along with the other traitors.

  2. so slutting for the rothchilds and corporatations is good huh? yeah.. thanks. some shit heel who doesnt have to go off to war is going to profit up to here and i get to have my legs blown off and see my buddies suffer? wow really? can you run some more dope out of the stan GENERAL??? your great no really. i need to hear more of your fancys. by the way how much money do you have in offshore accounts?

  3. My sons and daughters will NOT fight for elites who ignore the Constitution of the United States of America. They will NOT fight for NATO, UN, or anyone else who illegally claims the rights to order them to so. I don’t care how unpatriotic that makes others think of me, I consider them unpatriotic to allow despots to take away my rights, and the rights of others, then claim we must serve them.

  4. I watched this on t.v. You get the same kind of brotherhood from fishing, hunting, sports, college, and the military as well. But diversity is a good thing in my book. I was not able to serve because of a shattered ankle i had to have reconstructive surgery on. The recruiter offive was twlling me to keep quiet about it. Probably so i could go long enough to sign the papers before they kicked me out with no pension and college tuition because i should not have been there..

  5. Take a guess who wants “the Goyim” to be compelled to perform national service?
    After all, who else can they use & abuse while trying to destroy anone who may pose a threat to their regional hegemony in the middle east?

    1. Sounds like CWP part two…only this time it will be international.

      I foresee mandatory service coming very soon. Obamma-laden will reenact a draft

  6. The real reason is that the military is spread so thinly around the world that they can not hold their ground if anything happens.

  7. After 12 years of compulsory attendance in child-brainwashing camp, the youth owe Amerika. Brainwashing camp doesn’t just grow on trees, you know. Our benevolent corporate masters could have used the money they spent on this for more hookers and blow. But instead they love us so much they fill our children’s empty heads for us.
    Haven’t you heard it’s our fault (the peasant class) the economy is in the state that it’s in. Without jobs for our dumbed-down youth, the only way they can get a return on their investment is to incarcerate the little deadbeats until they work off what they owe to the company store.

  8. Paraphrasing McChrystal, “We’ve shot an amazing number of people, far as I know, they were all innocent.” Not his exact words, but the blunt gist of them.

  9. Getting recruits since heroine cabal whacking Pat Tillman like a dog has been rough. With all the Bush41 cabal/queen lizard heroine to transport, moving the stuff must be more burdensome than in the past before the drugs went to the heads of the heads in charge. Let McChrystal carry it on his own back so the parents of those murdered because of the heroine trade can show their appreciation for swine moving opium and heroine when they catch him.

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