Melinda Gates Admits: “Stop People’s Lives From Existing”

Life News  Love him or hate him, Stephen Colbert doesn’t waste time getting to the point. In last Thursday’s interview with Melinda Gates on the Colbert Report, he asked Melinda about her newest initiative and cut straight to the chase: the new population control movement exists to save lives by erasing lives.

Colbert: “But now you’ve got a new charitable hobby horse you’re on, and it’s not necessarily saving people’s lives, so much as it’s stopping people’s lives from existing. You want to provide family planning to 120 million men and women around the world.”

Melinda Gates: “Right.”

The old population control movement existed for more or less the same reason, to eradicate poverty by eradicating the poor. In fact, the only major difference between the two movements is one of semantics. Today’s newest generation of population control proponents are still billionaires, still from the first world, and are still convinced that the poor are at the center of the world’s woe.

What’s changed is their marketing campaign and rhetoric.

The word “control”, especially when placed directly after the word population, evokes a flood of concrete historical memories that include coercive family planning programs still infamous today. The programs were known for addressing poverty through forced sterilizations, eradicating the poor in order to eradicate poverty. In the process, they robbed the poor person of their humanity and replaced it with a number in order to fill fertility quotas.

The policies were racist and driven by ideological fear. They were sponsored by many of the same organizations that make up the new population movement today. The new movement, however, has attempted to distance itself from its past with a very modern, subtle shift in ideology. No longer do they emphasize eugenics or even use the word “control”, but prefer the word “empowerment” and the ideology of women’s rights.

Today they use words like “population dynamics” and phrases like “demography is not destiny”. They shame the poor world into believing that the real problem isn’t so much investment in their education, health, or economy as it is their fertility. They tell them, “if you only would use family planning to  ‘space your children’ properly you wouldn’t have the problems that you do, you wouldn’t be so poor and uneducated.”  Then they tell these people, especially women, many of whom have access to modern methods of family planning, that it is their “right” to use those methods, even though, given their strong insistence, it seems to be less of right than an “obligation”.

Their message is as clear as it was 5o years ago: the poor are the problem, and according to this movement, it is the poor that are the ones responsible for solving it. How? By controlling their population growth. By not having children. The billionaires can’t do it for them, they can’t force them. They can pay them to do it, they can educate them on to do it, they can even increase their access to the services that will help them to do it, but they can’t make them. They already tried that.

So instead they focus on rights, and they focus on shame, and they tell people like me, in the first world, that the poor people in the Southern hemisphere would be okay if they just had access to contraception. And we mostly believe them. Except, something just doesn’t seem right.

Does development really come from contraception? And is it really a problem of too many people? What about investing in jobs, education, health and infrastructure? Perhaps those are the real problems. Perhaps, and this is just a wild guess, that is the way the North has been able to grow….

The North developed without contraception. It became rich and educated without contraception. Fertility began dropping later, and again, without contraception. Instead it was education that made the difference. It was economic growth provided by investment and the entrepreneurship of people, not numbers.

The new population control movement, led by billionaires like Melinda Gates in coordination with organizations the like UNFPA and governments that include both the United State and the United Kingdom, still wants to eradicate poverty by eradicating the poor, it’s just that, for historical reasons, they can’t come out and say it so directly. Yet, every now and then they do, just as Melinda did the other night. This needs to be made clear. This movement must be de-masked, and defeated once again.

I think that Melinda Gates actually believes that increasing the poor’s access to family planning will really better their lives. I also think that many of the people involved in the population control movement in the 40s, 50s and 60s did as well.  However, what they don’t seem to be able to understand, or at least reconcile is that this is not the only solution. Instead it’s a solution that comes at the cost of reducing people to numbers, and one that will put billions of dollars into “empowering” people to stop having children rather than educating them and helping them to build a society where they are valued as a resource rather than a curse.

Yes, Melinda Gates is Catholic, but this is not the “preferential option for the poor” that we have been educated to at Church and in school for the last 2,000 years. No, that option is built on love, responsibility and the experience of seeing human beings as protagonists and not numbers.

18 thoughts on “Melinda Gates Admits: “Stop People’s Lives From Existing”

  1. Hey I have a great idea! Let that evil _fill in the blank_ start by taking her own filthy life. Death to the luciferian elite!

    1. So what is so bad about offering contraception, so long as it’s voluntary and not forced on people? It has been around for millennia, the ancient Egyptians used it. Trying to kill off the population is not a great idea, giving people the means to control the size of their families is. Yes better education is essential, perhaps if there weren’t so many children arriving on the planet every day then there might be better opportunities. Surely there’d be less misery if more were born because their parents chose to have them rather than being conceived by pure chance.

  2. Bill and melinda gates foundation is pure evil. There is a lecture that bill gates gives on subject of population control that you will find if you search hard enough that explains the agenda and how they plan to sterilze the population of many countries through vaccination unknowingly. How deceptive. My family who thought this group was so benevolent and upstanding almost had cardiac arrest after viewing . It is about an hour in length. All those that believe in this solution should be the first to step to the plate with their children and help the cause they believe so strongly in. Damn ingrates.

  3. Too bad nobody stopped that POS she’s married to from existing. Think of all the needless suffering dealing with the crap software he forced on the world that could have been prevented.

  4. Melinda Gates will be spending some time in purgatory, there is no doubt about that. She thinks her money makes her better than everybody else. This is what happens when somebody such as gates flaps their gums together.

  5. Name one problem in this world that can be eliminated by an *increase* in the third world population.

    1. That’s for God to figure out, not Melina “Too Much Time On Her Hands” Gates.

      1. As soon as “god” comes into existence we should ask him. That should happen around… oh… never.

        1. Would you want to be caught in public if your name was “Higgs Boson”. never gonna see him.

          1. HAHAHAHA, Luddite, that’s good, I’m going to use that. I was just thinking what a lame-o name they gave the God particle. Scientists throwing a little shade God’s way maybe – you know they’re still engaged in some kind of petty competition with him. Bill Gates is mad at all those 3rd world people for being dirt-poor but still more attractive than him, a man with millions to spare. The whole ‘population control’ thing is him lashing out at people who get laid. F#@king nerd.

  6. The population control programs of the 21st century are simply an updated version of the eugenics programs of the early 20th century. Only the names have been changed to protect the guilty.

  7. all these kind of people should have their money taken to help the republic,and to remind future people like this from trying this again. then they should have to live at guantonamo the rest of their days poor prizoners

  8. Before you all get carried away, that Bill Gates quote about reducing population with vaccines refers to lowering population by decreasing the number of kids who die from preventable illnesses. The thinking goes that if more kids survive, people will have fewer. Personally I don’t think this will stop people from having large families, and the author is quite right that development does the trick.

    The problem the elites face is they want development to stop, in line with their environmental agenda, which effectively means they need to find other ways to reduce population growth, which means for them it’s logical to try use vaccines (and probably profitable too).

    What Melinda Gates says is along the same lines – she doesn’t want people to be born. There’s nothing nefarious – they think they are doing the right thing.

    The Gates are paving the road to hell with good intentions – another venture of theirs is AGRA, a partnership with the Rockfeller Foundation to change agriculture in Africa which is suspected of being aimed at opening a new market for GMO crops (Gates own shares in Monsanto). They’ve probably deluded themselves into thinking this is the right thing to do.

    Like everyone, the rich think they’re right, unlike everyone they have the means to force it down peoples’ throats – like it or not.

    1. Bullshit. Bill and Melinda Gates are international elitist eugenicists. They look at the rest of humanity as a herd of cattle of which they believe it is their right as the chosen ones to cull at their leisure. Do not attempt to defend these despicable bastards on this site.

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