It’s the 4th of July!….and?

Today is the 4th of July.  Today we celebrate our freedoms and liberties that were won through the great sacrifices made by our founding fathers after declaring independence from the British Empire.  We have been celebrating the 4th of July for 236 years and in the beginning we indeed did have a lot to celebrate.  The 2nd American Revolution was fought in 1812 when we supposedly finally put the British out of our lives.

Now here today we find ourselves in a situation where in our Declaration of Independence could and should be re-issued to the international insurgents posing as our government.  Every abuse outlined in our Declaration of Independence is at present being put upon us in a hyper-mode as provided by modern technology.

I guess what I am trying to say is that we should not be celebrating no more than our founding fathers were on July 4, 1776, as they could not celebrate because they had a war to fight, just like we have a war to fight right now.  Any celebration of freedom and liberty on July 4, 2012 is erroneous.

Our individual rights only exist to the extent that we are willing to enforce them.  No government is going to maintain the chains that bind it.  Anyone who believes that we the people still control our government to the smallest degree is a fool.

If we are truly the patriotic progeny of our founding fathers, we must summon the courage to stand up and fight for our freedom and liberty.  We are in a precarious situation wherein the international socialists, in direct coordination with the crowned heads of Europe, are in the middle of their final push to remove the idea of individual freedoms and liberties from any reality on this planet.

If you look past the smoke screen you will find that those seeking to enslave us today are the direct descendants of those who tried to enslave our colonial forefathers.  It has been an ongoing campaign to dumb us down and trick us into trading our liberty for a false security, as no person can truly be secure within his or herself unless he or she is in control of their person and their destiny.

In short when you allow others to make your decisions you acquiesce to live with the mistakes of others.  Then when it turns out that those others seek to control you, and you find out that the mistakes are not mistakes at all, you are forced to regain that which you have surrendered.

The choice is clear, a reinstitution of our Republic under our Constitution through our individual assertion of our individual rights, or acquiescence to slavery to be followed by mass extermination.  Only a coward could choose the latter.

So before you fire up the barbeque and start lighting off fireworks take five and ask yourself just what exactly are we celebrating today?

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

5 thoughts on “It’s the 4th of July!….and?

  1. yes, what exactly are we we celebrating????

    If freedom is having my balls grabbed to gain access to a flight is freedom then count me out!

  2. Guess we are celebrating DEPENDENCE DAY, thanks to the entitled ones that supply debt and socialism that steal our wealth, liberty and our lives.

    Next year it will be INDEPENDENCE DAY thanks to Ron Paul as president. That will be one hell of a party.

  3. More regular Americans like my self that were born here need to run for more local and national political spots. It is tuff to do this with no finance so tuff the political election system seem rigged. So with all this bad legislation being passed by congress and local politicians what dose anyone think the chances are for the people to influence them to pass a bill making it law for companies to hire American U.S born citizens before a foreign born person?

  4. About the only freedom we have left that I can see, is the freedom to still be able to post our comments on stories such as this on the internet. Even that may not last much longer. Hope you all signed that internet freedom petition that was going around yesterday. I did.

  5. Happy Dependence Day!! It’s great to be free and DEPENDENT and if you don’t believe me, I have all of the licenses and permits to prove it.

    You know what is even funnier this 4th of July is that Washington D.C., the supposed “strongest capital of the free world” and our nation with such “high security”, has no power until Friday due to a mere thunderstorm.

    HAHAHAHAAHA!!!! Yea, so strong and Independent we are.

    “Never let a good crisis go to waste” Rahm Emmanuel

    Hmmm…..Now where are those “supposed” domestic terrorists at a time like this??? Yep, they must be around here somewhere……… DAMMIT, these people were unprepared just like the Obama shooter incident a few months ago!!!

    You’d think with all of those domestic terrorists and foreign terrorists in our country, Washington D.C. would be taken over and in ruins by now. Hmm… strange.

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