Meteor Blazes Across The Night Sky Over East Coast

meteorThe Guardian – by Sam Davis

A meteor streaked across the night sky along the eastern seaboard Friday night, leaving a trail of fire as it went. More than 300 people reported seeing this flash in the sky, from Virginia to Maine, and the meteor was detected and visualized best from Northern New Jersey all the way out to the tip Long Island, NY. Scientists from NASA are reporting that it landed “safely” in the Atlantic Ocean, if a fireball from outer space can actually land “safely”.  

Several lucky people captured video tape of the event, and this video seems to be the best quality.

Please enjoy this video of this meteor, streaking across the east coast.

3 thoughts on “Meteor Blazes Across The Night Sky Over East Coast

  1. Yeah. You can take NASA’s word for it! They’re honest and true.

    And out of the 11 BILLION suns out there, in just this Quadrant of Space, the only one with Life is on Earth.

    Yup! Yessiree!

    1. Yep, I know. It’s amazing how us Earthlings are so special to be the only living creatures in the universe. There can’t possibly be any alien lifeforms anywhere in the universe. It’s impossible. (sarcasm).

      It’s like covering up the fact that there are no animals or creatures living in the world and that only humans live and exist in the world. It’s impossible.

  2. That was without a doubt THE slowest meteor I’ve ever seen in my life, unless the one who filmed it slowed it down, and even then…………….. ?

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