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  1. Awesome to see this happening.. although it still is not being seen in the mainstream media yet. A peaceful revolution is beginning.. should be front page news! I personally never want my future, my jobs, my country in the hands of such greedy, manipulative and heartless who have positioned themselves at the top. Back to the basics of what made our country great would be a good place to start! As Ron Paul would say about America.. We need to mind our own business. We cannot fix the rest of the world!

  2. Everyone keeps trying to pin it down to ONE issue. Everyone is jumping on the bandwagon because this is about MANY issues. It’s about Americans of all ages and all walks of life who have had Enough of being screwed by the top 1%.

        1. Did you see O’Donnell’s interview tonight with a visitor to NYC who happened to get corralled and maced? Then Rachel Maddow opened her show with the protest. We’re Finally getting some coverage. It’s growing.

          1. Angel-

            No didn’t see it. I have been under the weather. I just found this though. Looks like the unions are going to step up to the plate big-time. I was reading in the cop forums I posted earlier, that the cops love this because their getting all kinds of overtime. Looks like we have another reason for the increased bridge fares, along with the times square renovation. I think I’m starting to get it now.


          2. NYS and Occupy Wall Street showed solidarity with the Postal Workers on the 27th. We stood with their Union, now the other Unions are joining in. As I said, this is growing. Union, NonUnion, we are All Americans and Hurting. We Are the 99.

          3. Yes, the cops are Lovin’ their overtime. Don’t even get me started on the Times Sq. renovation. LOL
            Hope your feeling better. Calling it a night. Gotta get back downtown tomorrow. 🙂

  3. The history of unions is that they stood staunchly for hard money.Your pensions are disappearing because this is no longer the case.It is good to see people rising together for the common cause of freedom.I believe that Mr.Moore is wrong about Capitalism but that a free society will always have a difference of opinion.This is not only healthy but necessary.

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