International Elitists Beware, The People are United

A wave of patriotism is sweeping across the United States like a tsunami.  In spite of the best efforts of the propagandists, the people are actually pushing their own agenda as we close in on 2012.  We have been shouting “No!” at the top of our lungs at the neo-cons and their push for another four years of transferring our country’s wealth from the poor and middle class to the top 1% as they lock their sites on our Social Security, retirement plans, and even the food stamps standing between millions of Americans and starvation.  We have been shouting “No!” to the social communists and their push to socialize and control every aspect of our lives and leave us as indentured slaves in a one world communist system.

We have been shouting “Yes!” to Ron Paul and a restitution of our Republic under our Constitution for freedom, liberty, and prosperity for all of the American people of the American race.  Some have questioned Ron Paul’s stance on the unconstitutionality of Social Security and welfare.  Yesterday Dr. Paul directly addressed those people.  He said, “It would be unthinkable to rip out the safety net when so many of us literally have no other way to survive.”

As a patriotic American I for one understand his stance.  I will make it clear.  I do not believe in socialism, hence I do not believe in the concept of Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, food stamps, or welfare, and I would like to see all of these socialist programs ended.  But not before every American who is willing to work can do so at a living wage.

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The bottom line is just our natural resources that belong to all of us equates to more than enough wealth to support and take care of all of those among us who cannot support themselves because they are either too old or suffer disabilities.  But it does not have to be through a socialist program.

The resources of this country are the citizen’s real property.  They belong to us and to accept wealth derived from them through a direct annuity can no way be misconstrued to equate to welfare.  And think of how much more each needy person could have if the wealth was not coming to them through the government and corporations who steal 95 cents of every dollar.

Dr. Paul has said, and quite correctly so, that we as individuals are quite capable of managing our own estates, hence making our own decisions.  As I have previously stated, the United States is the richest country on the planet and barring the theft being perpetrated against us by the international corporate mafia for the past hundred years, we would, could, and should be living lives of comfort rather than enduring existences of misery.

If the wealth from the natural resources of this country were transferred directly to the people, rather than stolen by the corporate elite through this illegitimate government they have purchased, every American would automatically be middle class without hitting a lick.

Americans have proven generation after generation that we are creators.  It is an inborn need.  I know there are people out there who can just sit and do nothing and wait to die, but they are a minute minority.  I believe if we the people were set free and given access to the resources that belong to us, we would create such a society as could see the end of suffering throughout the world, not because we were ordered, pushed, or coerced to do so, but because we freely chose to, as individuals.

I swear if we take back all that has been stolen and regain control over our lives and dreams, we will be happy.  And as a happy, decent people once again, we as individuals will not be able to just stand by and watch little children starve to death all around the world for no other reason than a handful of corporate elite are taking all their resources and piling them up to create mountains of wealth that is truly useless as it does nothing but sit there.  And once again we would not have to help other people around the world through welfare, but rather let our charity be in the form of empowering them so that they can take back control of their own resources, work, prosper, and be happy as we are.

Whenever you see our so called government promoting political change around the world, it is always said to be to promote, not our Constitution, but democracy, which our founding fathers made clear would be the one thing that would destroy our Republic if we did not keep it in check.

Does democracy have a place in our government?  It does.  It is how we exercise our choice, but democracy ends where our individual freedoms and liberties come into play.  We can make decisions through the democratic process, but those decisions made by the whole absolutely cannot infringe upon the individual freedoms and liberties of the individual.  It is a simple concept and if it is adhered to we can coexist as a nation made up of individuals.

And here is the best part.  We can all be happy, as happiness can only exist where freedom and liberty allow.  These are the things we the American people of the American race are rediscovering more and more every day.  And just knowing that they are there re-instills the hope that is, in reality, the soul of the United States of America.

So let us soldier on until we have our dreams back and each and every one of us has our hereditary right to pursue the American dream restored.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

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