0 thoughts on “Gerald Celente – THE ENTIRE SYSTEM IS RIGGED

  1. This guy isn’t telling us anything we don’t already know, in fact, we’ve known these facts for decades. What’s not getting enough media coverage is the millions of 99ers who fall further and further into despair without the hope of any employment in the foreseeable future. How many have to be homeless, how many have to be starving, how many have to die before anything is done about it?

  2. Occupy Wall Street today. Anyone who is somebody is occupying Wall Street today. The people here are the real Americans of this country, everybody else are either greedy, selfish or nothing.
    This is our country that we want back! We are millions! We are the 99% who make up this country while the 1% steal every penny from every person in America. The 1% greedy Corporate America only care about themselves and completely ignore what this country was based on! America stood for Americans. This country as Democracy or as a Republic, still stood for each other and equaled 100%. Now 1% to 4% has actually cornered America and the world in their favor! Meaning these low down Wall Street scoundrels are sucking the very life and monies out of everybody. This Occupy Wall Street is major news, though the no good media has black it out for the most part. Corporate/Big Business America of course runs the media and everything else it gets it’s greedy little hands on! Understand without Corporate America there would be no media…get it!!!! the media is just as greedy as the banks, the oil companies, the corporations that are stealing every penny America has! It’s time to fight!!!!! come join us and occupy Wall Street!
    Be somebody today!!! This is a major!!!!!! This History!!!!!
    We are millions and we will change this country around!!!!!!!!!!
    WHERE IS THE MIDDLE CLASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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