Military insider: “They want the collapse to be even more severe.”

Published on Oct 16, 2013 by Dr. Bill H. Weld

The sheep are jumping up and down with joy that Congress reached a debt limit deal. This is actually a move by the elites to ensure the inevitable collapse will be even worse. More here:

Congress and Obama essentially committed treason today, and have done so every time they raise the debt limit. There is a reason for this, as my source explains.

“Billionaires Dumping Stocks, Economist Knows Why”…


Classified docs on “Nano Domestic Quell” DoD kill-switch program released by Dr. Bill H. Weld

*DOWNLOAD LINK: Visit my blog: to download the files*

The program is called “Nano Domestic Quell”.

This is how the military will be respond to the economic collapse, and how they will put down armed uprisings, riots and domestic revolts.

As promised, these are some of the classified documents given to me by my good friend in the Department of Defense, a very highly ranked official I have known for many years.

As the documents clearly demonstrate, the U.S. government has embarked on a program to implement a secret “Armageddon nano device” that mimics a flu virus, to be activated on the public in the instance of domestic uprisings, riots and armed resistances.

The nano devices are in, or “carried” by, an estimated 87% of the population at this point, with a projected 98% inflected by 2014.

Chances are, you already have this nano device inside of your body as you read this.

Please understand: these nano devices are inert until activated by a radio signal or transmission.

You are safe until a cell tower, drone or other method of transmission activates the device. (I do not personally know how this transmission works. The documents I’ve received do not go into any detail on that specifically. I do know drones and cell towers will be used, however.)

Once activated, the device will mimic the flu virus. You will be dead within 10 to 12 days. There is no known cure or way to prevent this. (I go into more detail on this in some of my videos, of which I recommend viewing all of them to fully understand and appreciate what is going on.)

Please bear in mind that there is an active campaign underway to discredit me, attack me and bring me down. Please understand my children are sick and I believe their sickness — a bizarre skin condition that is worsening for both of them — is a result of my blowing the whistle. I believe they have been harmed intentionally. I believe they are trying to send me a message by messing with my children.

I need your help. I need your trust. I need you to help this spread.

If it doesn’t spread or go viral in some manner, we are finished, because they will continue to destroy me, remove any trace of me from the internet (records from my some of my previous employers are already missing, among other things), they will destroy me and the public will never find out about this.

Please pray for us, pray for my wife, Helena, my son, Bill Jr., my daughters, Katherine and Grace. We need your help more than ever.

If you need to contact me, please feel free to email me personally:

In Christ,

Dr. Bill H. Weld

P.S. I would like to thank my webmaster, Chris, for all of his help during this, and the time he’s taken to personally support me and my family. I couldn’t do it without him.

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3 thoughts on “Military insider: “They want the collapse to be even more severe.”

  1. This “Dr. Weld” guy came out of nowhere, and is showing all the signs of being just another government shill trying to convince people “it’s futile to resist”.

    And again we have the high-tech weaponry (“nano domestic quell”) there’s no scientific explanation for, which is supposed to kill us all in 12 days.

    Horse piles. Every word of it.

  2. They wouldn’t fsck with his children if this was true. They would just terminate him with the ‘secret squirrel’ technology.

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