Thunder god vine compound annihilates cancer in 40 days, researchers discover

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Rarely known outside traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), lei gong teng or “thunder god vine” is stunning Western researchers with its ability to stop cancer in its tracks – in as little as forty days. Used for its health enhancing qualities for more than 2,000 years in China, the West is beginning to recognize the astounding benefits of the vine for treating cancer, giving new hope to those who suffer from the most deadly forms of the disease.  

Thunder god vine compound swiftly conquers cancer

Lei gong teng (Tripterygium wilfordii) is native to China, Japan and Korea where it has long been valued for its distinct anti-inflammatory, immunosuppressive and anti-cancer properties. Supplying ample amounts of the active compound triptolide, the herb demonstrates substantial success in eradicating cancerous tumors.

Researchers at the University of Minnesota Masonic Cancer Center discovered that mice treated with triptolide for 40 days showed no further incidence of tumors, even after ceasing treatment. Ashok Saluja, vice chairman of research and the study’s leader, told Bloomberg, “You could see every day you looked at those mice, the tumor was decreasing and decreasing, and then just gone.”

Scientists at John Hopkins School of Medicine also found extracts of lei gong teng to be effective in eliminating cancerous tumors. Jun O. Liu, Ph.D., professor of pharmacology and molecular sciences at Johns Hopkins, notes:

“… triptolide has been shown to block the growth of all 60 U.S. National Cancer Institute cell lines at very low doses, and even causes some of those cell lines to die.”

Apparently, the compound impedes the manufacture of new RNA, thereby curbing cancerous proliferation in mice. These findings are laying the foundation for human clinical trials in the near future.

Triptolide has been shown to inhibit colorectal, pancreatic and ovarian cancers, among others. Rheumatoid arthritis and autoimmune disorders like multiple sclerosis and lupus respond to lei gong teng as well.

Since the herb can cause serious side effects, including loss of bone density, headache and infertility, it is important to consult a qualified TCM practitioner before use.

The dark side of scientific research

Even though emerging research regarding the thunder god vine is encouraging, financial gain is still the underlying motivating factor. Anthony Gucciardi of Natural Society aptly observes:

“While it is great news that this study is bringing the beneficial effects of inexpensive and near-free plant compounds to light, the bad news is that the individuals responsible for the research are actually looking to create a pharmaceutical drug from the essential component triptolide. A drug that will seek FDA approval and ultimately be patented, nutritionally ruined, and sold for exorbitant amounts of cash. Instead, just get your hands on some thunder god vine for yourself.”

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15 thoughts on “Thunder god vine compound annihilates cancer in 40 days, researchers discover

  1. It’s hard to believe that the murderers who call themselves “doctors” are still wiping people out with chemotherapy.

  2. Any thoughts on this #1NWO Hatr? (if you’re out there reading this)

    You seem to always have the inside scoop on cancer treatments and alternatives to killer chemotherapy.

    So now we have:

    1. Vitamin B-17
    2. Crushed apricot pits
    3. The thunder god vine

    All have been proven to cure cancer in most, if not all cases. And I bet you can get all of these for less than $100 dollars.

    So why pay more to greedy corporate doctors? Especially in a depression and in a bankrupt economy. It’s a no-brainer, people.

    1. Naturally I check out articles on anything to do with cancer cures, but only because know there has to be cures other than B17.

      “………the herb demonstrates substantial success in eradicating cancerous tumors.”

      What exactly is “substantial success”? I want something that’s been proven 100% effective, 100% of the time. B17. I really can’t make a call on anything I don’t have personal experience with – either myself, or someone I know (personally).
      And then there’s this…….

      “These findings are laying the foundation for human clinical trials in the near future”:

      Near future? That’s pretty vague. I’m not sure what those lying scum consider the “near future”. 2020? 2025? No, they’ll not kill the cash cow that the so-called cancer treatment/research industry is.
      There’s also this:

      “Since the herb can cause serious side effects, including loss of bone density, headache and infertility, it is important to consult a qualified TCM practitioner before use.”

      There are NO side effects from B17.

      The ONLY call I can make on this one is – B17.

      For those who don’t know me, the following article explains exactly why I am so confident in my assertions about B17.

      1. Yes #1, there are a lot of anti cancer herbals out there in nature. The problem I have is with all off these different name they got for the same herbal ya know – and that confuses a lot of things when they have maybe 10 different name for the same plant and for the same part of the same plant. I am sure you and many others know what I am talking about. We here in the good ole US of A have all the medicine we need to cure cancer and other illnesses right here in nature. 🙂 🙂 🙂 And I truely believe that.

  3. I am sure that if we all had a well balanced healthy life style, ate organic and balanced, and had a active lifestyle that just that would wipe out most cancers and other health problems. We never used to have these damned health problems all that long ago so this should be a wake up call for all who do not believe in natural and organic living.

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