Military training exercises in skies over Phoenix, AZ

AZ Family – by Tami Hoey, November 19, 2013

PHOENIX — Have you seen some strange activity in the valley skies? Many people have been reporting spotting lots of helicopters flying around over central Phoenix and surrounding areas.

Here’s the explanation: For the second night in a row, military training exercises are underway around the valley. The Phoenix Police Department confirmed to 3TV that they are supporting Department of Defense training around the city.

A statement from the Phoenix Police Department reads:

Elements of the Department of Defense will be conducting routine training in the Phoenix Metropolitan area from November 12 – 22, 2013. The training will take place at various locations in Glendale, Scottsdale, Mesa, Phoenix and Tempe.  The respective police departments will provide police support.  This training, which has been conducted by military personnel in cities across the country, is designed to certify service members in urban environment operations in preparation for upcoming overseas deployments. The sites have been carefully selected to minimize the impact on the daily routine of residents.

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  1. ANOTHER DRILL ,ANOTHER DEATH:Syracuse (WSYR-TV) – A 17-year veteran of the New York State Police has died following a training drill in Wyoming County.

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