Militia Leader Tells Alex Jones He Has “Armed” Men Stationed Around DC Metro

Zero Hedge – by Tyler Durden

Earlier this week, Oath Keepers militia leader Stewart Rhodes told Infowar’s Alex Jones and Owen Shroyer that his members are “armed” and positioned around the Washington Metropolitan Area to prevent a steal of the 2020 presidential election from President Trump.

Oath Keepers claims to have thousands of members of former law enforcement officials and military veterans as members. While the militia claims to be defending the Constitution, it has also shifted over the years from opposing the government to instead supporting Trump.

Rhodes insisted that Trump must declassify information about members of the “deep state” if he wants to prevent the election from being stolen. He said the American people have a right to “know exactly who the pedophiles are.” From judges to politicians to academia to media, Rhodes continued to stay these people are all part of the deep state.

Donald Trump Jr. tweeted Sunday: “DECLASSIFY EVERYTHING!!! We can’t let the bad actors get away with it.”

Rhodes said Trump should task special forces officers to secure information about the deep state because the president “cannot trust the normal military intelligence services.” In previous statements, Rhodes has been opposed to military intervention in domestic matters, but in this case, he said Trump should invoke the Insurrection Act.

In support of the president, he also said, “we have men already stationed outside D.C. as a nuclear option in case they attempt to remove the president illegally, we will step in and stop it.”

Rhodes then said: These men are “armed” and “prepared to go in if the president calls us up.”

He said Oath Keepers would be inside the metro area to support Saturday’s planned pro-Trump demonstrations.

Here’s the interview (via Media Matters):

15 thoughts on “Militia Leader Tells Alex Jones He Has “Armed” Men Stationed Around DC Metro

  1. Oh my God!! LOL. AJ is such the fake **** actor!!
    He says it’s time to save the Republic, go to DC for protest. And he says it’s the chi-coms deep state. Like he said china runs Hollywood!!
    Rhodes likened the Bundy standoff to the “stolen” election. Whatever!!
    These people are not patriots!!
    This “declassify everything” Trump, must include declassifying his rape of young girls, right!!? There’s so much trash on Trump he wouldn’t dare declassify jack.
    AJ is an intelligence agent along with Pichezneck, and Stone, etc..
    Yuck. Can’t stand the sleeze ball, AJ.

    1. So it goes from “the Arabs run Hollywood” to the Chi-Coms? Bwahahahahahahahhahahaha!

      And Mary ND is correct about the militia.

  2. Wow. An oathbreaker talking to AJ (Aka the American Jew) about arming around DC.

    Nothing to see here. Move along…Move along.

  3. All comments correct.

    These guys are all the next level phase of cointelpro. No question, these “anti/pro government” phony snake oil salesmen are more than likely, actual pay rolled intelligence operatives. Jones has zero credibility what so ever. What ever excuse he gives for who runs what, it sure as hell will never be the Kike Zionist Jews. That and Sandy hook is off limits…

    Just remember to charge these fkrs in the future after this nation is returned to us.

    Their mandate is to maintain the status quo, once the rebellion is being won, these guys are here to usurp our energy and our willingness to do the dirty work to get our county back, they will be staging all sort of faux videoed engagements to make themselves look like heroes, but not a one of them will ever be anywhere near a real firefight, ever.

    You can sense their fear. Because they know what they are truly a part of, they are the NWO….

    and what do we say; DTTNWO

  4. I’d rather poke at bull’s nuts in a bullpen with a stick than listen to a couple paid shills spewing what is far lesser value of what comes from the said bull’s upper apartment.

  5. Hey, stewie, you’ll shoot yer eye out.

    And he did. Some firearms instructor, eh?

    He’ll even help you shoot yourself in the foot if you follow this kike funded shill.

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