5 thoughts on “Mollie

    1. Because while she will RIP, Rivera and the Langs certainly will not… “There will be weeping and gnashing of teeth” where they’ll be going, likely. These politicians must undergo a huge amount of ritual abuse in order for them to be able to look themselves in the mirror…

  1. The illegal Christian Rivera was employed at the Yarrabee dairy farm in Brooklyn, Iowa for the past 4 years.
    The farm is owned by two prominent Republicans Dane & Craig Lang. They claim Senor Rivera was properly vetted. So now the media won’t touch neither side of the story because it embarrasses them both. Meaning the Democrats who do not want a wall and the Republicans who want cheap labor.

  2. What about that evil black female professor, Christina Greer who said why are is Fox wasting our time talking about some girl in Iowa? What about Lie-A-Watha telling Mollie’s family we need to focus on separated illegal invaders families? These “people” are truly the scum of the earth

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