White Privilege – The Smoking Gun

Sometimes to tell a story completely, you have to go a ways back, so be patient with me.

Prior to the 1954 termination, a delegation of the Klamath Tribes went to Washington DC to lobby for the sale of their reservation lands.  The tribal members voted and the land was sold.  If my numbers are correct, 2,100 members on the rolls received the equivalent of $1.5 billion in today’s dollars, which was absolutely their right to do.  With the sale of the land, the tribe was terminated.  

My dad moved us here in 1966.  My dad was a mechanic.  He raised five children in West Virginia and six children in Oregon.  Needless to say, despite my dad’s expertise in his work, we grew up poor.  The Indian people here were rich through the sale of their lands.  Their children had the best clothes, the best bicycles, their families the best cars.

When I was growing up, to get a new pair of pants a year was the limit.  My clothes came from the Salvation Army and hand me downs from other poor people. I’ll admit that it was embarrassing to be dressed in rags amongst those who had the best and newest of everything, but again, I never bore a grudge.  It was their money from their land.

From Wikipedia:

Termination led to lawsuits, as individual Klamath Indians struggled to preserve treaty hunting and fishing rights. Five Klamath Indians who had withdrawn from the tribe after Public Law 587 claimed they retained hunting and fishing rights guaranteed to the Klamath tribe in the Treaty of October 16, 1854. After a U.S. district court ruled against them, they filed an appeal.

The U.S. District Court of Appeals of the Ninth Circuit found that, since the Klamath Termination Act did not specifically abrogate Klamath hunting and fishing rights, these rights remained. The court looked at the stipulation in Public Law 280, providing that no state could deprive an Indian tribe (or individual members) of hunting and fishing rights guaranteed to them by federal treaty.

After all the money was spent:

The Klamath Restoration Act was adopted into law in 1986, reestablishing the Klamath as a sovereign state.

Again, I bear no grudge except for this notion of creating a sovereign state of four acres of land working in cahoots with Dick Wendt, whose son sits on the Federal Reserve Board in Portland, Oregon.

Hence a casino was built, a truck stop, a huge tribal complex, a day care center, and a medical center. The motel will be finished in the fall.

All of this was done with wealth removed from the American nationals, through the Department of the Interior with the aid of criminals in the Congress and Senate, and of course with the Federal Reserve making the dictate.

All of this tax free and as long as any Klamath Indian is working for the tribal corporation they pay no taxes.  The tribal corporations themselves pay no taxes.  Yet everything I have described to you above was paid for with taxpayer money and there is more sent every year, so that the Indians can buy up more businesses that no non-Indian can compete with, because well, we have to pay taxes on everything.

So gradually, that which was sold for cash money that was spent is now being replaced with US taxpayer money.  In declaring a separate state, they have declared superior authority over the lands and resources that my dad paid cash money for while I was wearing clothes from the Salvation Army.

You are probably thinking, now, what the hell does this have to do with anything at all.

I sat up all last night with an abscess tooth.

There is a fine dental facility less than a mile from where I live, two hygienists, two dentists, and a pharmacist on duty.  All I needed was some antibiotics, but I could not get them because the dental office was in another state.

Now understand this.  Had I been able to show a descendent from any tribe in the United States, like if I had just arrived from Oklahoma yesterday, it would have been no problem.  There has been set up a state on a few acres of property here in southern Oregon where I am not of equal right, and like I said earlier, every bit of it was built with US taxpayer money.

There cannot exist one square inch in the continental united States of the Americas where I am not equal in right, not to mention, US taxpayer monies built it all.  They are taking money from American nationals with the help of their communist comrades in an attempt to set up illegal jurisdictions and subvert the American national.  You pay for it, it belongs to them, and they can set up separate authorities based solely on race, you know, that race thing that cannot exist in this country.

Anyway, back to the point of this story.  If I had been of the right race, I could have just driven across town and got the medication I needed.  Instead, I had to call my cardiologist in Medford and a have prescription called into Klamath Falls, sixty miles round trip, to get my medication, solely based on my race.

This is communist collusion.  There is not, nor ever has been, any authority to tax the American people and use that money to create jurisdictions wherein all are not of equal right.

I will mention that I have a condition known as endocarditis, which means any infection, like an abscess tooth, can kill me.

The non-Indians in this area have been declared second class citizens through fraud and international communist collusion.  None of it is legal.  All is a running violation of the people’s Bill of Rights.

Anyway, my white privilege today consisted of a sixty mile round trip in the smoke to get what a person of the other class could get just by driving across town, and absolutely solely based on my race.

Now I’m going to kick back for the rest of the day and find new ways that more can be taken from those who f-king work for it and hand it over for the purpose of open treason and sedition.

My white guilt has become more than I can bear, as I realize the money spent on that handful of pills to keep me alive, could have been given to somebody that somehow along the line of my life of working for anything I ever had to make them feel better.  I confess, I f-king did it.

12 thoughts on “White Privilege – The Smoking Gun

  1. Grand injustice!! And we will fight harder to smash communism and its playing of favorites. So angry and sad that you had to go through this. Please take care and get well. Damn!!


  2. As much as I support rights of Native Americans, I do know for a fact (since I know a few, and a friend who died several years ago worked on the Navajo Rez–and there are several part-Cherokee or Ojibway or Kiowa or whatever mission band from California folks out here, they themselves can testify as to the corruption of Native American Tribal councils. Getting sick and tired of white folks getting blamed for everything, from native genocide (I can think of a few tribes slaughtered by other tribes…the history of New York state shows how Iroquoi massacred Adirondaks and others, etc.,to black slavery when whites were also slaves (you know, “indentured servants”, same thing). Straight outta Longmire…

    Get well soon, Henry.

    And watch out for hurricane, Galen!

  3. Gee, Henry, I just looked up Endocarditis. I did not know it was so serious. Here’s the link if others are curious:


    My deepest wish right now is for you to be all better soon. Heck, thinking about all the good you’ve done for years, I know you’ve got a good supply of good coming your way. Take good care, Henry.


  4. I hear you Henry, I’m loving my white privilege too. Sorry about that tooth too and that you couldn’t have gotten what you needed sooner. Heartless and corrupt are to many among us, yet I have to believe they suffer in ways that their corruptness brings on. Sleeping with one eye open wouldn’t make for a good nights sleep, imo.

    1. Yep, Katie…do unto others Christ said,or, in the words of the principle of Karma–what goes around comes around. It just bothers me that Henry has to suffer because of something done over a hundred years ago to Natives, just like whites today get blamed for black slavery? When their fellow Africans sold them into it… like I’m really gonna pay “reparations”… over my you-know-what…

  5. Get well soon, Henry.
    Rinse your mouth with hydrogen peroxide. It might help the infection and swelling. Just do not swallow it.
    If I could bear some of your white privilege I would, but I’m full up on white.

  6. Horrible, Henry! Rest up and get that swelling down…feel better soon!
    As for the white privilege, this is no different than section 8 housing all over the US. You and I pay for it all, yet they get cheap/free housing, food cards, free cable tv, and apparently all sorts of cash because whenever I get near the projects, it looks like a German car dealership! New Benz’s, Bimmers, Audi’s, and not just a few.
    Again, we are ALL stuck with the check while listening to them screaming about needing more and the evil whitey.

    1. Yeah, and like Affirmative Action where the cream is not allowed to rise to the top. Quotas, and Reverse Discrimination, choke-holds of freedom and progress.

  7. Women’s Restroom, Men’s Restroom, Colored’s Restroom: What the f#@k is the difference?
    White cold water drinking fountain, colored warm water drinking fountain: What the f#@k is the difference?

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