Moms Demand Action Lobby Day Gets Crashed

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Bloomberg’s Moms Demand Action held their lobby day in Olympia, WA on Feb. 10th, 2015. On hand to cover the manufactured PR stunt was Laughing At Liberals.

The day started off at a church near the capitol building, where they bussed in activists, handed out their manufactured signs and propaganda talking points, and where they only wanted their own media present, as Bloomberg/Everytown organizer Meera Bhardwaj ejects LaughingAtLiberals.  

Meanwhile, pacing around out front of the church in protest was an old mountain man grampa, with his old paratrooper style M1 Carbine. Apparently MDA called the police about this, and 3 of Olympia’s finest are dispatched to monitor what clucking hens surely thought was a mass shooter just waiting for the right time to open fire (sarcasm).

As the Moms headed from the church to one of the capitol buildings, Laughing At Liberals gets his chance to ask Miss Bhardwaj a few questions, which is interrupted by her grizzly bear sized body guard.

Inside the auxiliary capitol building, the hens were preparing for one of their PR media fluff sessions, where once again, they only wanted friendly media. Citing that they were now in a public building, Laughing At Liberals stands his ground as floppy haired Geoff Potter tries to eject him, but capitol security apparently tells him that they can’t kick someone out of a public space if that person is not causing a problem. Mrs. Potter is the communications director of Washington Alliance For Gun Responsibility, which is funded by another billionaire, Amazon co-founder Nick Hanauer.

They only wanted their invited media covering this, because they had to embellish the turn out numbers, and didn’t want certain things coming to light. Moms Demand Action leader Leah Bernstein makes the claim that there are 100 people there supporting them, but a review of the video shows 49.

All in all, anyone with a objective lense could see this entire day of advocacy was a manufactured PR stunt, organized by folks who specialize in public relations and media manipulation.

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