MTG urges ‘shutdown’ after House is given 11 hours to read 2,741-page $1.5 trillion bill

Washington Examiner – by Paul Bedard

Lawmakers have been given a half-day to read through the Democratic leadership’s 2,741-page spending bill before voting, prompting some members to throw up their hands and call for the government to shut down instead of approving the $1.5 trillion legislation.

“I don’t think the government deserves to keep its lights on. I think the government should be shut down especially when they’re sneaking bills through in the middle of the night,” said Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene.

According to several timelines, House and Senate members were told Tuesday the spending bill meant to keep the government operating would be finished “soon.”

But “soon” ended up being 1:30 a.m., with a House Rules Committee vote to push it to the House floor at 2:30 a.m. Now, an afternoon floor consideration and vote is scheduled beginning at 1:30 p.m.

For Greene and others critical of the “swamp,” that is no way to run an operation, especially because the spending bill includes new items to be vetted.

“This is completely wrong. Nancy Pelosi should be completely unseated as speaker of the House. Who can honestly tolerate this type of treatment?” Greene said in a video that she encouraged viewers to pass on to friends. “This is not how Congress is supposed to work. It’s completely broken. So when you look at our government and you are shocked and cannot believe that the things that happen here in Washington, D.C., I am telling you this is how corrupt it is.”

The new spending legislation includes several poison pills for some members, including a 21% boost in office spending, more cash for the Pentagon, and the return of “earmarks,” spending individual members can set aside, often in deals with other members. Earmarks were essentially eliminated after several lobbying scandals.

Just 12 hours before the spending proposal was handed out, Greene introduced legislation to increase transparency in the House. Her proposal would end voice and proxy votes and end the practice of letting members vote “present.”

She told Secrets, “They shouldn’t hide. Everything should be transparent.”

4 thoughts on “MTG urges ‘shutdown’ after House is given 11 hours to read 2,741-page $1.5 trillion bill

  1. Typical trademark Pelosi tactic: “You have to pass the bill in order to find out what’s in it.”

    Her backwards logic astounds me. It’s like being in one of those mental upside down nightmares.

    Why even bother voting for a bill that you only have a half a day to read? It’s common sense.

    Who the hell says they have to vote on it so quickly? They are Congress. They can easily delay/reschedule it if they want. What are they so afraid of? Just don’t pass it. Friggin mental puppets!

    And again, $1.5 trillion!!! Where are they getting the money????? We’re broke!!!!


      1. Vote?!! You mean play pretend? I doubt any of them have a conscience any more. Treason turns a person to the dark side. But if by some crazy chance one still did have a conscience, he or she should burn that damn stack of the papers of that bill on the spot. Admit being part of tyrannical theft and torture, get the hell out of there, and find a copy of The Bill of Rights and BEGIN TO LIVE IT!! Too much to hope for, I’m sure. But sometimes I think one of ’em might just be reading here and getting the message they are on the wrong team. Yeah, too much to hope for.


  2. it took months for the politicians to determine that they would give us all 600$ of our own money

    It took a matter of days for the politicians to decide to give 14 Billion dollars to Ukraine

    when do We the people ,become these fckers priority?

    this should be pissing off every one in this country , enough to say F you all in government , from the bottom to the top

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