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Multiple victims as gunman opens fire near Santa Monica College, school on lockdown

RT News

At least three people have been wounded in a shooting in the Santa Monica College area, California. The school is on lockdown and students are advised to stay away from the campus.

A “fully armed” suspect has opened fire at cars and a bus in the area, local police said. Witnesses reported hearing at least one shotgun blast and several handgun shots.  

One suspect has reportedly been detained in the school’s library and taken into custody. The police are now checking reports of a possible second shooter.

“We are aware of at least one suspect, there may possibly be others,” said California Highway Patrol Sgt. Denise Joslin.

The incident happened miles from where President Barack Obama is appearing at a fundraiser. The Secret Service said that the shooting is not impacting the president’s visit and is considered a local police matter at this point, NBC reported.


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3 Responses to Multiple victims as gunman opens fire near Santa Monica College, school on lockdown

  1. Ken says:

    …another elite run false flag op to take away our guns. Notice how all these violent events happen in areas where gun restrictions are the highest??? California twice in a few months, first Fullerton, now Santa Monica and if you check, same with all the rest. You don’t hear about gun violence in Texas!

  2. Eric says:

    T o borrow angry gandpa’s expression, “they have muddied the the water”. Who know’s what’s real these days.

  3. James Woroble Jr says:

    Shootings… schools… kids, is the consistent defined pattern.

    I’ll believe its not all being engineered by the government when an incident occurs where a refreshment server pulls out two 9mm pistols from underneath the cart top at a Monsanto board meeting and sends all at the table to their master in Hell.

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