Mysterious ‘booms’ still unexplained

BoomsThe Daily News – by Scott DeSmit

ALABAMA — It was about midnight on a night last week when Randy Smith took his dog outside and for the third time this year, heard the mysterious booms.

“Three times in a row I heard it,” Smith said. “It sounds as loud as a sonic boom. Maybe louder. As soon as it goes off, the dog starts growling and gets startled.”

Smith and his father, Laverne Smith, live at 748 Lewiston Rd. (Route 77) and have been hearing the booms for nearly two years now.  

They cannot pinpoint the source of the noise.

“You can’t tell what direction it’s coming from,” Laverne Smith, 76, said. “The last good weather we had I was out near the shed and heard it.”

Last year they heard the booms about 10 times, sometimes during the day and sometimes at night.

“It seems to be just around here,” Randy Smith said. “I asked my sister who lives in Alabama Center and she hasn’t heard it.”

It is a phenomena that has sparked curiosity throughout the country for several years now.

The booms, however, have grown more frequent.

In December, people in Rhode Island, Alabama, Georgia, Texas and Oklahoma reported hearing unusual booms and explosions.

Newspaper reports revealed no unusual seismic activity in those regions and all the noises have yet to be explained.

In January, hundreds of people in northern Utah called emergency dispatchers reporting booms and shaking of the earth.

The cause remains a mystery, though the Air Force said it had done training exercises, dropping bombs in the desert.

Locally, 911 dispatchers in Chautauqua County were inundated with calls on Jan. 13, all reporting hearing a loud boom that shook houses.

Police eventually determined the noise came from a 20-year-old man using an explosive called Tannerite, a legal compound that when struck with a bullet explodes.

A few days later, on Jan. 16, residents in Gorham, Ontario County, reported a series of booms.

“It was just a loud, explosion-like sound,” Janet Koller told the Canandaigua Messenger Post. “We saw nothing. It was dark by then. It was hard to even tell what direction it came from. It shook the house.”

Ontario County sheriff’s officials said several people called to report the still unexplained booms.

Booms also were reported in Le Roy.

Former Daily News editor Ben Beagle said he was in his living room about 9 p.m. March 9 when he heard “some booms.”

“I thought it was just neighbors, maybe shutting doors or something. Then, about 9:09 p.m., a series of boom-boom-booms that I thought must be thunder.”

He checked the weather radar and all was clear, he said.

Genesee County Senior Dispatcher Gary Diegelman said the county’s 911 system did not receive any reports of booms.

He offered a few possible explanations for booms, at least those heard during the day.

Diegelman said the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms often uses stone quarries in Le Roy and Alabama for training and detonating explosives.

“We’ve had them coming in the past few years and they probably make a good-sized blast,” he said. “At night, it’s possible it’s propane cannons they use on farms to scare away animals.”

Those, however, are usually heard during the spring and early summer when crops are planted are in various stages of growth.

Three farmers contacted this week reported they do not use propane cannons and weren’t aware of any local farmers that do, at least at this time of year.

So what’s going on?

Dr. Mark Castner, director of Braun-Ruddick Seismograph Station at Canisius College, told WIVB-TV in Buffalo that booms can be associated with an earthquake, quarry blasts, building implosions or sonic booms.

Seismographic records reported no unusual activity, however, and officials at Niagara Falls Air Reserve have had no aircraft flying in the area during the times of the reported booms.

The Smiths live near National Fuel’s Empire Pipeline for natural gas.

Could that be an explanation?

No, says spokeswoman Karen Merkel.

“I checked and we have no issues with the pipeline, we’re not doing any testing and we have no reported leaks,” she said. “We have nothing going on but we do want to be aware of it.”

The Smiths have no idea what causes the booms around their house.

“It doesn’t sound like gunfire or an explosion,” Randy Smith, 53, said. “It’s huge and it rattles everything in the house. I’ve looked around for lights or aircraft but I never see anything. I wish I could tell you I’ve seen lights for an aircraft but I can’t.”

6 thoughts on “Mysterious ‘booms’ still unexplained

  1. These booms are probably blasting noises for underground bunkers in the surrounding area. Our Government is expanding their underground footprint.

    I used to have a posted video of a couple of kids in Colorado who were hiking in the mountains and recorded some underground blasting that came through really well on a you tube video. I can’t find it now. Still looking for it. I think is was taken down by TPTB.

    I found this earlier with another video as well. All links are furnished below.

    “A frightening foreign military intelligence directorate (GRU) report circulating in the Kremlin today states that over the past nearly 36 hours the vast intercontinental military tunnel complex constructed by the United States Air force over the past nearly 45 years was hit with two powerful nuclear explosions at its main terminuses in Colorado and Virginia used nearly exclusively by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).”

    “According to this report, this unprecedented nuclear attack began on the evening of 22 August when one of the main air pressure relief tunnels for this CIA tunnel, located at MacDill Air Force Base in Tampa Florida, was forced open allowing millions of cubic feet of air to rush suddenly into the atmosphere. The unique sound of this event was captured by video [3rd video] during a baseball game being played at Tropicana Field near MacDill, though US officials blamed the “mystery noise” on a faulty sound system.”

  2. I still find it hard to believe that no one can trace these explosions (if they are in fact occurring) to their source, because there’s nothing too difficult about locating the source of any noise.

    The Zionist news article states that “It is a phenomena that has sparked curiosity throughout the country for several years now”, to tell us this is the new normal that people should expect, and this also dissuades people from searching out the source, because if they believe that no one else could figure them out, they’ll have no luck either.

    If they’re happening, they must have a source that can’t be too difficult to find, and if they’re not happening, they’re being reported as happening to induce people to ignore the sound of nearby explosions.

    1. The problem is though, when they are deep underground, they’re hard to trace. Many times you can’t get to the source because it is an area that is blocked off by the FEDS. No trespassing …..

      I found that video I was talking about. check this out

  3. In SC, a few young adults were firing upon Tannerite bags which caused
    explosive sounds – the explosive sounds were easily located by the
    peace keepers, (police). The cause of the nation-wide booms are not
    being found. This land is my land, this land is your land – so screw the
    “No Trespassing” signs.

  4. Their excuses are easily dismissible as false propaganda. Their excuses are about as plausible as person killing someone with bullet holes just by coughing on them. It all is just a smokescreen for either the underground bases (DUMBs), an earthquake or sinkholes of epic proportions that are about to come and the Louisiana Sinkhole was just one of many preludes to it all.

    We have a foreign government running our country. Our country is at war from within, people. And that includes from within the ground of the Earth. We are already at war. We are already in WWIII. Just because they aren’t televising it, doesn’t mean it is not what it is.

    Remember: The Revolution WILL NOT be televised. It’s up to us to get the word out. WWIII is already here. It’s just happening covertly because the MSM refuses to do its job because it is taken over by the Zionists.

  5. WWIII? I refer to it has reverse anarchy – no government in society.
    What is in place now and since FDR creates chaos, violence, confusion.
    It’s kind of like the theme in one of Steven Kings’ books, “The Stand”.
    And guess which side this so-called gov is on? The Randall Flagg’s.
    Ever since the dung entered our political society – we have been doomed.

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