The Sequester Scam Disguises Federal Gov Preparation for Totalitarian Coup

U.S. President Obama speaks to National Governors Association in the State Dining Room of the White House in WashingtonOccupy Corporatism – by Susanne Posel

James Clapper, director of National Intelligence spoketo the Senate Intelligence Committee this week on the assessment that the federal budget cuts will “jeopardize our nation’s safety and security.”

Clapper says that the loss of “thousands of FBI employees” and thousands of analysts “may risk missing an early sign of an attack.”  

This week Jay Carney, White House press secretary admitted that Obama’s “approach to deficit reduction is asking everyone to pay their fair share.” However Obama does not include an actual balancing of the budget, but rather a vague promise to “bring out debt to GDP below 3 percent.”

Capitol Hill is working hard on $1 trillion in new taxes. This blueprint was introduced by Senator Patty Murray, Senate Budget Committee chairwoman.

Murray claims this will quash sequestering with the promise of $100 billion in economic stimulus and job training. Over a decade, the deficit would be reduced by $800 billion based on statistics provided by the Congressional Budget Office. The US Department of Education (DoE) would be empowered to create a work force of skilled citizens that could perform a function in lieu of higher learning.

This qualifies students to technical programs that reduce critical thinking and create a generation of slaves to wage earnings and dependent of the federal government. While the White House cancelled tours due to budget cuts, many “assistants” for the Obama administration are continuing to make an estimated 6 figures with Obama advisers making over $100,000 annually.

Social programs such as the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) have taken a hit from the budget cuts forcing more Americans to possibly become homeless. The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has announced the release of undocumented illegal immigrants because of the sequester cuts.

Although this is asserted as a possible threat to national security, DHS said that they had no choice based on budget cuts. Janet Napolitano, Secretary of DHS remarked: “I don’t think we can maintain the same level of security at all places around the country with sequester as without sequester.”

US veterans are being kept from grants for housing and furthering their education from the GI Bill. The US Army has cancelled their acceptance for applications regarding the Tuition Assistance program.

Other educational programs were cut by the Air Force, Marines and Coast Guard. According to the Department of Labor (DoL), assistance for granting US veteran’s employment has been slashed through budget decreases. This leaves more than 10,000 veterans without access to job-training with assistance.

On March 6th, during the Senator Rand Paul filibuster distraction, The US House of Representatives have approved HR 933, the appropriations bill for Fiscal Year 2013 to allocate $982 billion to the Department of Defense (DoD), Military Construction (MC), the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) and Planned Parenthood.

The passage of this legislation “provides[s] necessary funding flexibility to ensure that our military is well-equipped, our veterans receive the care they have earned, and tax dollars are used wisely and where they are most needed.”

Hal Rogers, chairman of the House Appropriations Committee, said: “The House did the right thing today by passing this legislation. As we try to get our fiscal house in order, it’s important to come together on issues where we can agree – avoiding a government shutdown, providing our people with essential services, and supporting our troops and veterans. This bill sets the stage for a meaningful – and needed – discussion on how we can best address our nation’s finances. Now, I urge the Senate to pass H.R. 933 quickly and send it to the President for his signature. Congress must do its duty to ensure that our national defense remains sound at all times, and our economy continues on the path to growth and recovery.”

In the text of the bill cites that Hagel must provide reports on active policies and procedures with regard to surveillance drone missions within the domestic US that are conducted by the Pentagon.

The bill reads: “The conferees understand that the Air Force has policies and procedures in place governing the disposition of UAV collections that may inadvertently capture matters of concern to law enforcement agencies. These policies and procedures are designed to ensure constitutional protections and proper separation between the military and law enforcement. It is unclear if other Services and Defense agencies have similar policies and procedures in place, or if these policies and procedures need to be revised or standardized. Therefore, the conferees direct the Secretary of Defense to report to the congressional defense committees on the policies and procedures in place across the Services and Defense agencies governing the use of such collections and to identify any additional steps that need to be taken to ensure that such policies and procedures are adequate and consistent across the Department of Defense.”

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  1. No, it’s not preparation for a coup. It’s being done to insure that the last of this nation’s wealth is devoted to fighting Israel’s enemies.

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