Mysterious Low Flying Plane Buzzes Austin

Infowars – by Paul Joseph Watson

A mysterious aircraft flew dangerously low over Austin today, evoking memories of how New Yorkers were terrified by a similar incident three years ago.

Austin radio host Alex Jones reported seeing the plane flying at the level of the city’s highest skyscrapers, coming dangerously close to hitting them. The aircraft made several passes before leaving for another area of the city.

The footage above shows the plane filmed at a different location flying at a higher altitude.

Jones compared the incident to when the government flew a Boeing 747 over New York City in 2009 as part of a photo-op, evoking memories of 9/11 and sending thousands of people into a “total panic”.

Although it’s likely the flyover was part of some kind of military exercise, which has occurred over Austin before, no explanation was offered by the Air Force.

Jones speculated that the aircraft could have been an E4B ‘doomsday plane’, although other images show the E4B has additional sets of landing gear to those shown on the plane in the video above.

The E4B ‘doomsday plane’ is one of only four operated by the US Air Force. The aircraft serves, “as a survivable mobile command post for the National Command Authority, namely the President of the United States, the Secretary of Defense, and successors.”

The E4B was spotted flying over restricted airspace near the White House on the morning of 9/11 as the terror attack unfolded.

Twitter users also reported seeing the plane.

Apparently the doomsday plane is doing 1000ft over Austin tx …as well as lots of hellos

Surprised no one Is talking about the low flying plane downtown in Austin!

Giant plane flyying over ?

@JudicialWatch Urban Austin, Tx buzzed by low flying doomsday plane E-4B

12 thoughts on “Mysterious Low Flying Plane Buzzes Austin

    1. Anybody notice any chemtrails? Maybe the pilot was a cousin of Joe Stack looking for IRS HQ

  1. on occasion i have seen a look alike plane circling around the tucson area…..flying very low and slow……is it related?…..i don’t know…..but the flight pattern was strange…..

  2. Since Alex Jones is taking pictures of low flying aircraft and calling it a “doomsday plane” I decided to hop on board and do my own filming. So I got my camera and snapped shots of my Elm tree in the backyard. I’m now calling it “the doomsday tree” because you never know when that sucker just my fall down on your head.

    1. watch the damn video … before jumping to conclusions, and wait a few moments so things clear up, it’s not an E-4B, but similar, does have radar too.

  3. I know most of us think that Alex is “suspect”,
    but this past Sunday, early morning, while driving to church
    in the Orlando, FL area a large, strange looking
    plane was flying very, very low over I-4 and
    went right over my car. It was not in a normal
    flight path, and was very, low and actually
    frightened me.

    As I continued on south on I-4 I watched the
    plane, as best I could while driving and it
    was taking a very unusual path. Didn’t see
    anything about it on the local news.

    Who knows…in this day and hour anything
    is possible.

  4. they’re on high alert for possible terrorist attacks throughout the country. difficult to know if its legit with all the bull$hi7 were subjected to. better to err on side of caution than not no matter who is pulling the strings.

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