N. Korea Releases Bizarre New Video: “It Is Not A Matter Of Whether We Will Have A War Or Not But When…”

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North Korea has just released a bizarre new military propaganda video, including a sequence of military dogs where it appears that the dogs are attacking an effigy of George W. Bush. However, it turns out that the effigy attacked was one of South Korean Defence Minister Kim Kwan-Jin.  

In the video, a North Korean soldier who is interviewed warns: “As you all know, it is not a matter of WHETHER we will have a war or not but whether it will take place today or tomorrow. This is like being on the eve of a ‘Big Explosion’; every minute, every second counts” he concludes. North Korea is well known for releasing bizarre range of military propaganda videos as shared in the video at the bottom of this story.

North Korea today released a bizarre video of their military dogs attacking an effigy of an enemy minister and again threatened to attack their neighbours.

The animals savage a model of South Korean defence minister Kim Kwan-Jin in the propaganda clip shown on state television.

In the video, the military dogs can also be seen jumping through a flaming hole as they are put through their paces in training.

It was released as the US delayed an intercontinental ballistic missile test planned for next week amid fears it will be misinterpreted by Pyongyang.

What are they trying to tell us with this video? I sure hope that they don’t plan on using dogs in their acts of war; they sure do a great job though, going straight for the head.

British foreign secretary William Hague today warned of the ‘danger of miscalculation’ by Kim Jong-un’s regime which has worked itself up into a ‘frenetic state of rhetoric’.

In the new propaganda video troops can also be seen using the South Korean defence minister’s face as target practice.

At the very end of the clip the effigy is destroyed with a rocket launcher.

It is unclear when and where the video, released by North Korea’s official news agency KCNA, was filmed.

An unidentified soldier warns that they are ready to attack their neighbour as soon as the order is given.


3 thoughts on “N. Korea Releases Bizarre New Video: “It Is Not A Matter Of Whether We Will Have A War Or Not But When…”

  1. Did North Korea release the video or was it the C.I.A.? And how do you know these are N.Korean soldiers and not S. Korean soldiers dressed as them?

    We’re getting endless fear-mongering regarding the “threat” from North Korea, who isn’t really a threat, but will probably be blamed for the next false flag operation, and if that’s the case, it will probably be nuclear. The other, and more likely possibility here is that they’ll do nothing, but the propaganda will justify a new cold-war, and the Carlye group will rake in billions as a result of it.

    Remember that the NWO crew has to drink the water here too, so it’s doubtful that they’ll nuke very much of the world, but they’ll have no qualms about blowing something up in the desert, because that’s where they do their testing anyway.

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