National data bases don’t show 6 adults were killed at Sandy Hook school

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We are told that on December 14, 2012, lone gunman Adam Lanza went on a shooting spree in Sandy Hook Elementary School (SHES) in Newtown, Connecticut, killing 20 children and 6 adults.

The six adults are the principal, teachers and school psychologist at SHES:  

  1. Rachel Davino: teacher’s aide; age 29.
  2. Dawn Hocksprung: principal; age 47.
  3. Anne Marie Murphy: teacher’s aide; age 52.
  4. Lauren Rousseau: teacher; age 29.
  5. Mary Sherlach: school psychologist; age 56.
  6. Victoria Soto: teacher; age 27.

Strangely, three national data bases do not show that the above six adults had actually died.


To begin, neither the 6 adults nor the 20 children show up in Social Security’s Death Master File — the data base for the Social Security Death Index that’s reported on genealogy websites. I addressed this in my post, “No one died in Sandy Hook: Testimony from Social Security Death Master File“.


Then, there is the FBI’s 2012 crime statistics for Connecticut, which show the number of homicides (“murder and nonnegligent manslaughter”) for the city of Newtown in 2012 as zero (0). Here’s a screenshot of the table, which I’d taken from the FBI website as recently as April 28, 2018.

Some claim the reason for the zero homicide is because the FBI used only data reported by city and town law enforcement, but the Sandy Hook incident was handled by the Connecticut state police, which explains why Newtown police reported to the FBI zero homicides in 2012.

Indeed, the FBI does say this about its data sources:

The data used in creating this table were from all city and town law enforcement agencies submitting 12 months of complete offense data for 2012.

But how do we know that the reason why the FBI table shows zero homicide for Newtown in 2012 is because Newtown police left the reporting to the state police?

The FBI’s methodology for compiling its annual reports on crimes in the USA does not support that claim. The FBI states:

The national UCR Program published the Uniform Crime Reporting Handbook (revised 2004), which details procedures for classifying and scoring offenses and serves as the contributing agencies’ basic resource for preparing reports. The final responsibility for data submissions rests with the individual contributing law enforcement agency.

And who is the “individual contributing law enforcement agency”? The FBI’s Uniform Crime Reporting Handbook, 2004 clearly states that the city, not state, police is the law enforcement agency responsible for reporting offenses, including homicides, that occurred within that city:

pp. 8-9: “Jurisdiction – The purpose of establishing appropriate jurisdiction is to depict the nature and volume of crime in a particular community, not for an agency to claim or take credit…the national UCR Program developed the following guidelines:

1. City law enforcement agencies should report offenses that occur within their city jurisdictions.

2. County or state law enforcement agencies should report offenses that take place in the county outside the limits of the city….

6. Agencies must report only those arrests made for offenses committed within their own jurisdictions….
In other words, cities having their own police departments, as a rule, report their own crime data to the UCR Program…. In some localities, the sheriff, state police, or a federal law enforcement agency will assist a local police department in the investigation of crimes committed within the limits of the city. Even though this is the case, the city police department will report the offenses, unless, again, there is a written or oral agreement specifying otherwise. The jurisdictional guidelines provide for most local reporting. Whenever possible, the local law enforcement agency of the geographical area in which the crime occurred should report the data.

From the above, it is clear that according to the FBI’s methodology, specifically the Uniform Crime Reporting Handbook, it is the responsibility of city police departments, including Newtown’s police department, to report their crime data — including the number of homicides — to the FBI, which in 2012 numbered zero (0).


The U.S. Bureau of Labor collects and publishes data on the number and types of occupational fatalities, including fatalities in education — of management (e.g., school principals) and teachers.

But the data for Connecticut in 2012 do not support the claim that six staff members of Sandy Hook Elementary School had been killed.

To begin, the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ Table A-5 shows that there were only two deaths (“fatalities”) from “violence and other injuries by persons or animals” of elementary school teachers in the entire U.S.A. in 2012:

↓Click image to enlarge↓

It should then come as no surprise that the Bureau of Labor Statistics show no fatalities of teacher or principal in all of Connecticut in 2012:

↓Click image to enlarge↓

H/t Wolfgang Halbig and James Fetzer

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Fellowship of the Minds

12 thoughts on “National data bases don’t show 6 adults were killed at Sandy Hook school

  1. This is nothing new to those who spent just 5 minutes in quiet contemplation of the facts. The problem is awakening others who don’t want to hear it …call you a conspiracy theorist and LITERALLY run away. Gene Rosen made me emotional that day until I learned he did not even call 911 ! The whole thing was a charade.

    1. Peter. What did it for me is when I saw Robby Parker’s emotional narrative and plea for financial help for his dead daughter. I recall telling others at work, that night, about the sadness, and of this guys sad demeanor. When I later, saw the whole story and how he was laughing moments before the emotional speech, I had seen previously, I felt compelled to investigate further. I didn’t need anyone to tell me that what I saw was not right. The rest is history. Sandy hook was a total hoax. Anyone who believes differently has not done the simple research of the government’s own reported evidence, or that person is lying.
      There’s no doubt of those being the only two options available.

  2. “Then, there is the FBI’s 2012 crime statistics for Connecticut, which show the number of homicides (“murder and nonnegligent manslaughter”) for the city of Newtown in 2012 as zero (0).”

    Been telling people this for years… LOOK IT UP, MORONS!!!

    It ain’t rokit syense.

  3. It is common knowledge that at Sandy Hook, the “dead” were declared dead, without medical personnel (doctors) present. This alone is a violation of any state’s laws. It was also reported the parents of the victims were shown photos rather than to have the opportunity to view their loved ones in person. It wouldn’t be far fetched to conclude that there would be many well publicized cases of lawsuits or highly emotional hearings about either of these two issues alone, in any real life scenario.
    These lawsuits or hearings did not happen, and thus, it could easily be concluded that there is definitely sufficient evidence to conclude that the official story is not true. If any major portion of a narrative is proven to be untrue, then it must be concluded that it is all untrue. A completely conspiratorial fabrication and most assuredly not, a matter of one opinion verses another or a misinterpretation of the facts.

  4. some people just want to be lied to , the government are pro’s at it , and so many suck it up

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