Neil Oliver Responds to the Request for COVID Amnesty, “You want WHAT”?

The Last Refuge – by Sundance

One of the most stubborn voices of unapologetic reason and pushback over the past two years amid COVID madness has been U.K political pundit Mr Neil Oliver. 

Specifically, because Oliver and CTH are aligned in a common brotherhood within the rebel alliance movement; and specifically, because Oliver outlined in weekly granular details all of the affronts to reason, liberty and general commonsense throughout the pandemic madness; I was waiting to see/hear how Oliver would respond to the latest request for “pandemic amnesty” from the Branch Covidians.  His 15-minute reply to the totalitarians beating a hasty retreat is awesome.

Oliver walks through some of the more egregious examples of totalitarianism and dictatorial fiat from two years of the public-private partnership, and then outlines why it is beyond comprehension that Covidians would even fathom to request “amnesty” after their two-years terroristic campaign and shredding of individual rights at the altar of the Covidian religion.  Well worth watching:

First, the pandemic madness needs to stop.  Then the perpetrators need to admit the totality of their brutal conduct.  Then an apology.  Then there needs to be visible and public requests for forgiveness. Then there needs to be a reckoning, which includes the need for consequential punishment.  After the punishment as a deterrent, there needs to be a global vow never to repeat the behaviors.

Any talk of possible amnesty comes long after those sequential issues are resolved.  But considering, well, hell, they haven’t even stopped the madness yet, they have some nerve asking for amnesty.

The Last Refuge

6 thoughts on “Neil Oliver Responds to the Request for COVID Amnesty, “You want WHAT”?

  1. Yeah, it’s one big admission of guilt, and they have the nerve to ask for amnesty while they keep doing their lethal deed. INSANITY!! And EVIL, to boot. Can’t wait ’till the Common Law Courts host this trial.


    1. So what’s going on? Is the lid being blown off the lie? What’s causing mainstream news to report that “errors” were made during the “pandemic.” Story-after-story where they’re admitting their deficiency in both reporting and in accuracy. I even saw one that had the audacity to have the word “Oopsies” in it, with the CDC wanting to restore our trust in them. Oopsies!!, with all the death, suffering and ruination they caused, along with all the talking-head politicians and celebrities. Oopsies?!!! Restore our trust?!! NEVER YOU BAST*RDS!!

      Here’s one 9 min vid and Covid 19 doesn’t exist, but, the news person, after hearing a bunch of groveling and superficial dung regarding the damage done, actually says this:

      “The agency’s record budget request for next year includes $25 billion for a new adult vaccination program, $28 billion more for pandemic preparedness, which had already been funded by the trillions prior to Covid.”

      Link: Credibility Crisis:

      Ain’t that like sayin’: “Sorry, but we ain’t stoppin’?

      Quite a few lies and excuses, and then it actually validates Biden as the one who can fix all this. INSULTING!! Then it’s actually posited that we need something like a 9/11 commission to set things right. Surrrrrrre, that really did it, really took the truth and gave it a place of honor. Cue The Dancing Israelis.


      1. Pure evil does what pure evil does. Torture & murder is way more fun when right at the 11th hour you keep giving your victims hope that the tables may be turned. Seeing their victims swing from one extreme of emotion to the other is what really gets these freaks off. Eventually killing their victims simply means they need to find more to start the process again to get that fix they crave. We are literally dealing with generational inbred psychopaths here & there’s literally only one way you stop it…

        1. Yeah, and at the same time they’re actually biting themselves in the ass with these chaotic, swing here/swing there strategies. Too many are reading this as a definitive admission of guilt. I see a tidal wave coming of righteous revenge. Will certainly bring more to the unavoidable fight. We’ll use their missteps to advance our cause.


  2. Re “Covid amnesty”

    Covid amnesty is more of the psychopathic authorities’ typical screwing with the public’s mind, for THEIR benefits, of course. Nothing else.

    First the psychopaths PLAN and execute a holocaustal operation called Covid-19 THEN they want to be acquitted of any wrongdoing. This criminal game is one of the key traits of psychopaths when they should be in prison lifelong without parole ever.

    But…. 99% of people STILL have NO clue that psychopaths are the leaders of all governments because most people prefer being asleep than awake to reality, and they have a FALSE idea of what psychopaths really are (a misdirecting brainwashing script the psychopaths have also long planned and set in place with the ignorant sleeping public) — read “The 2 Married Pink Elephants In The Historical Room –The Holocaustal Covid-19 Coronavirus Madness: A Sociological Perspective & Historical Assessment Of The Covid “Phenomenon”” …

    Why do you think not a single responsible psychopathic authority ended up in jail for their planned 2008 super criminal housing bubble/economic collapse operation that destroyed the lives of millions of people around the world (and there are lots of similar examples throughout history)? NOW you know as you just learned a key lesson on psychopaths.

    ALL of the psychopaths’ begging for forgiveness is JUST a charade to keep fooling the generally comatose public in order to save THEIR OWN skin. Another example of constant public mind control of theirs, serving THEIR interests. But the generally mentally challenged public falls for the psychopath’s fake games endlessly. It won’t be any different this time judging from human history.

    The psychopathic leaders’ endless lying and manipulating is TOO evident in their very fake “call for forgiveness” for what they supposedly didn’t know during the worst of the pandemic, that they’ve got published in one of their owned and controlled propaganda media outfits (“we need to forgive one another for what we did and said when we were in the dark about COVID” []) which is a TOTAL LIE because these human monsters were NEVER “in the dark” because it was an ENTIRELY PLANNED super crime-against-humanity of theirs, which is STILL GOING ON (see first cited url).

    If you’re in the US and your employer mandates the toxic/lethal COVID jabs, register to get a free “Medical Exemption Certificate” at or

  3. Re: “But…. 99% of people STILL have NO clue that psychopaths are the leaders of all governments because most people prefer being asleep than awake to reality, and they have a FALSE idea of what psychopaths really are…”

    And Re: “…the generally comatose public…”

    And Re: “…the generally mentally challenged public…”

    You are right about the “psychopaths” but I have to say there is a very large percentage of the people who are not as you describe: “comatose” and “mentally challenged.” We hear and read voices coming from all factions of society who are beyond fed up and are acutely aware of the “psychopaths” and their lethal games. We are the many and we’re aiming to fight for our freedom and our well-being. Our numbers are growing every day.

    And Re: “It won’t be any different this time judging from human history.”

    Please refer to the year 1775 of our nation’s history, and particularly to the beginnings of our uprising on Lexington Green where men of honor, many of them nameless peasants, took on tyranny and came out from under. And even though the oppressors ever loomed, the world was given a vision of true liberty and of those who would risk all to defend it.


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