Newtown Caller Says School Shooters Described to be Disguised as an ‘Organized Group of Nuns’

The Intel Hub By Shepard Ambellas

Update: ABC Mainstream reports one shooter dead in school

1:44 p.m.: “The scene is secure. The public is not in danger,” says Connecticut State Police spokesman Paul Vance.

1:42 p.m.:” Shooter is deceased inside the [school,]” says Connecticut State Police spokesman Paul Vance.

Today on the Alex Jones Show a caller from Newtown described what he has seen and heard locally as an entire classroom has been reported to be missing.

NEWTOWN, CONNECTICUT — New claims are starting to come to light regarding the bloody school shooting that took place Friday morning as it looks possible that multiple shooters were involved, signifying a Columbine style governmental militarized operation to take away our guns in America.

The mainstream has reported that a “lone gunman” has shot and killed at least 26 people, including at least 18 children, after first reporting that only 2 people were shot in this dispicable act of violence.

A caller on the Alex Jones show Friday gave a report from Newtown that he was in a bowling alley before 10 AM (before the shootings took place) signifying that the school population was possibly held artificially low Friday as a possible militarized operation took place.

The caller has also stated that an unverified rumor is circulating amongst the school staff that the shooters were described to be disguised ”organized group of nuns”infiltrated the school property to carry out the shootings leaving at least 26 dead at an elementary school Friday.

Was this a manufactured shooting to limit our gun rights?

Note: Obviously if you read the article you will understand that this report was based on a local caller calling into a radio show. This in no way is saying that this is 100%, rather an investigative report to flush out more information and tips locally.

3 thoughts on “Newtown Caller Says School Shooters Described to be Disguised as an ‘Organized Group of Nuns’

  1. These people have taken this thing just too damn far . It’s so obvious that this whole thing has been staged. Now they’re zeroing in on our kids. Taking this thing just too damn far and headed into uncharted territory. Whole new ball game now. You attack our kids to try and get our guns, your playing with the wrath of God. These parasites have just turned a very dangerous corner.

    You touch our kids, you are awakening hell on earth. I’m not sure what would happen if one of these kids were mine.

    It’s become blatantly obvious what the hell is going on here. They have overreached foolishly.

    1. Something about Adam Lanza has surfaced claiming he died a day before the shooting. The fact that nuns mysteriously appear out of nowhere the day of shooting doesn’t make any sense. From what I understand, the nuns at the school the day of the shooting weren’t even from Newtown. At this point nothing seems to be adding up about the school shooting. Perhaps Adam Lanza is innocent. The more I read about the shooting the more it seems that someone is calling the shots all wrong! They name Adam Lanza as the shooter so people will feel at ease thinking that justice is served when I think the picture is a lot bigger than what it seems.

  2. This could be considered nothing more than speculation,or hearsay, IF not for the fact that Cathy from Connecticut (who lives VERY close to the school) stated on The Word today that she had also heard this, locally.

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