The US Embraces the Invader

Chinese dissident Chen Guangcheng arrived in the United States Saturday night in Newark, N.J., and was ferried to an apartment at New York University, where he will be a fellow at the School of Law.  You see the American dream is still alive and well, at least for a Chinese national.

There are at present thousands of US nationals living in tent cities.  These people are educated.  They worked and paid into this corrupt system all their lives and now they are discarded like garbage as a Chinaman is handed everything the US has to offer on a silver platter.

I don’t want to hear any crying ass liberals telling me about this man’s political oppression when 100 million lawful nationalists of the United States have been dispossessed, disenfranchised, and made civilly dead by the international soviet insurgency that is occupying our highest seats of power.  Our people are routinely arrested, tortured, and murdered, many times on camera and these events are swept under the rug.

We have been stripped of our constitutional rights and been bonded by the Zionists money lenders who control our country through the Federal Reserve and their 5th column planted within the Legislative, Judicial, and Executive Branches of what used to be our government.

Our election process has become sovietized to the point that we the people no longer have control of our country.  We are in the same situation our forefathers found themselves in in 1775.  We must fight or acquiesce to slavery.

As for Chen Guangcheng, within a few years unless we stop this crap, he will be right at home here in China in America, as the Chinese government is buying up our real estate, building Chinese towns in America, and setting up their Chinese banking system.

What has happened to the people of the United States?  Have all our men become neutered as our women rush to the sleeping chambers of the invaders?  Those of us who are true patriots are going to have to clean this mess up.  And when we are forced to give the full measure we must show no mercy.  Everyone who has cooperated with this insurgency at any level must be removed or destroyed.  And we must make sure that we never again allow the lowlifes to rise to the top.

I say anyone calling themselves an American who knows what is going on and is not actively resisting, is a coward and or a traitor and we are taking note of who you are.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

7 thoughts on “The US Embraces the Invader

  1. This country has been catering to illegals for decades while citizens are treated like criminals and sentenced to die in the streets. The whole thing makes my blood boil! It is like watching parents starve their own biological children to death while spoiling adopted children from another country! Rachel Cohen’s articles are right on the mark! This country is being taken over by foreign insurgents. The citizens of this country better wake up and take action now because time is a luxury this country no longer has.

  2. I don’t know about “being handed everything on a silver platter”- the very thing that makes me suspicious of the whole thing, is : How was a blind man, a prisoner guarded day and night, able to escape?

    It doesn’t make sense.

    I think it’s just a set up, and a lie!

    A time down the road, it’s be found out it was a story made up by the Feds, for their own purpose. Perhaps as a distraction as to Chinese COMMUNISTS buying huge tracts of land in the U.S,, bringing in their corrupt way of life. But then,, they can join hands with the U.S. Feds here. Both sides, working against the “common” People.

    No, I don’t believe this “blind” man “escaped” without official help. And WHY did he come to the U.S? Why not Taiwan, with his own people? OR the Philippines, or someplace nearer his land?

    WHO R E A L L Y brought him here?

  3. Insurgents yes , Russian some but Bolshevic Jews from all around the world in elite families. Rothschilds family . Hillary being in it & the other elite banker families are all zionists. They all work together. Rothchild ( Red Shield), ( King of Communism & Fascism, Piracy, Infiltrated the royal family since King Leopold of Belgium & many other marriages into the royal houses. NAZI`s Norther Allied Zionists Incorporated. What`s in a name ? Everything !

  4. This is the American way! The government has always discarded citizens like used toiet tissue and embraced the foreign influence. Now even more of these people will be foreclosed on, laid off from good jobs and left to fend for themselves…

  5. it’s the same in United Kingdom. The door is thrown open to all manner of immigrants. ‘Here’s a car for you. Here’s a house for you. Some free private medical care. What’s that, your car and house are not big enough? We do apologise, here are some bigger ones’

    Meanwhile, people born there who have worked all their lives paying taxes are being treated like 3rd class citizens. But you can’t say a word about, or you are branded a racist.

    The countries we love and whose forefathers fought and died to protect are being handed over on a silver platter.

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