No Jobs Anywhere –Blame it on the Unemployed

Well the fact that we are in a depression and there are no jobs to be had has become an undeniable fact, which is being displayed every day, as witnessed by the lines at the various job fairs put on by the Black Caucus.  So what do the mainstream propagandists at FOX, who are in reality made up of corporate elitists, have to say for themselves now?

In the past they have said unemployment benefits were the reason people were not getting jobs; as in the person who worked 30 years had just decided one day to kick back on the little bit unemployment offers and watch his house and car go back to the bank, after having to cash in his or her 401K, losing a portion to penalties and taxes.

So what are they saying today?  Well yesterday I heard it said that employers did not want to make new hires because the modern employee is late for work and screws around on the job too much.  I know it sounds strange when everyone still fortunate enough to still have a job is literally groveling to keep it.

Then I heard John Stossel say that the employers don’t like the fact that they cannot discriminate against potential employees.  Stossel said that their businesses belonged to them and if they want to discriminate against any person for any reason it should be their right to do so.

Well I have a message for John Stossel.  I’ll tell you what you elitist pimp, it is we the people that give license to these businesses to manufacture our resources for profit.  And as a condition of those licenses they cannot discriminate against us and if they do not like it, they can go to Russia and set up shop and keep their greedy hands off of our resources.  I’ll tell you what else you pathetic little puke, you can go with them.

And of course this dirty little corporate butt licker said we need to get rid of the capital gains tax, which is the tax on the corporations’ profits.  There are three Supreme Court decisions that say that taxing a worker’s income is unconstitutional, while taxing corporate profit is constitutional.  So of course the corporate elite, who are making record profits and have the wealth of our country stashed around the world, want to get rid of every tax they should be paying, while at the same time pushing for across the board tax for those living under the poverty level.

These scuz bags know no bounds and will never stop their theft until we put a stop to them.

I know there are a lot of unemployed out there who would like to try their hand at entrepreneurship.  Well I will tell you who gets to be an entrepreneur in the United States of America; a Japanese national is coming to the United States to start a business called Uniqlo, to compete with GAP and ZARA, selling clothes to the people of the United States.  And where will these clothes be manufactured?  China of course.

So now our resources will be going to China to be manufactured into goods to be sold to Americans by the Japanese.  Of course this son of a bitch will get tax breaks and incentive monies that we as every day Americans, who might want to start a business, could never dream of.  God, when I seen this foreign bastard on my TV, talking about his new business in my country, I wanted to grab the TV and throw it through the window.

Anybody who doubts that our government is occupied by traitors is a damn fool.  Never in the history of the planet has a people with so many avenues for recourse failed to act in any way.  This is pathetic.  Are they going to have to come into our houses and start carrying away our possessions before we become indignant?

I only hope we have time to get Ron Paul into office.  I got up yesterday morning and it was 37 degrees. Later when I went outside at 8:00 o’clock I could feel a nip of fall in the air and see my breath.  Winter is on the way and there are more unemployed this year than there were last year.

The price of food is skyrocketing and of course this fact is also being twisted by the propagandists, who are saying consumer spending is up.  Well of course it is as we have to spend more money to get less every day.

Maybe we won’t feel hungry anymore after Obama gives his speech next week.  I guess we have been living on words for a couple of years now, no doubt it will all amount to nothing more than another smoke screen designed to keep us distracted while they steal another $100 billion and eliminate another million of our jobs.

If nothing else we must make it clear that we will not believe another word they say and that no matter what they say, we are going to elect Ron Paul, take our Republic back, reinstitute our Constitution, and punish the traitors.

Well that is all I’ve got for today I’m going to go puke now.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

5 thoughts on “No Jobs Anywhere –Blame it on the Unemployed

  1. Recently, they celebrated when unemployment dropped to 398,000 (which is a crock of shit), now this week they celebrated when unemployment dropped to 409,000 (another crock of shit). If they ever disclosed the number of unemployed people including the 99ers and the underemployed, this country would see mass hysteria. Have you noticed that not only has the price of products gone way up, but the product size and packaging are also smaller, we do truly pay more for less. People are walking around in a shell shocked state of mind, like the survivors of a nuclear war. Many are unwilling to acknowledge the harsh reality that our country is facing. The idea that their job cannot provide enough income to pay the bills and their health insurance isn’t enough to cover the cost of their medical care is unthinkable. The idea that their government is staffed by bought politicians, lobbyist puppets, and foreign powers is inconceivable. The idea that their money is worth less than the paper it’s printed on and starting to be rejected by banks around the world must be a lie from a tabloid. The very idea that their President is an illegal alien leading the charge to take the remaining 10% of our nation’s wealth and resources seems like something from an action movie script. Get ready America, you’re about to get more than a bucket of ice-water splashed in your face!

  2. They added no net jobs for the month of August. First time that’s happened since 1945. Still over 400,000 jobs lost for the last week of August. This means negative economic growth. DOW is down over 190 points already just on that news for the day. Yeah Fox News, let’s blame the unemployed. What idiots. Fox News should be shut down. Their lies are half the problem.

  3. Hi Henry and thanks again for your articles. I have had talks with my constituents and the vast majority tell me they won’t do anything “illegal” regarding taking back their country. Trying to educate grown men and women about what they should already know is more than frustrating. I’m hating everyone now from the thieves to the sheeple. What to do?

  4. Hey Pat,

    If they are not willing to take back our country then I would not trust them. Some times you have to fight fire with fire… And this is one of those times!

  5. I haven’t been able to find stable work since 2009.

    I’m living in my dad’s 10’x’5 dining room. I can build and repair computers, edit photo/video/graphics, I’ve worked in restaurants, offices, and a metal fabrication shop, have a clean criminal background and driving record, but can’t even get a call back from McDonald’s. I’ve got an entire video series on my YouTube channel about it (Network126). I was also interviewed on RT News back in 2011 (“Unemployed 99er speaks out”).

    I get so jaded and depressed.

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