Norway is TOO WHITE… According to the President of Jewish Communities in Oslo…

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“The Norwegian people have very little experience dealing with minorities… So we have a BIG “job to do” in bringing minorities to them, according to Ervin Kohn.

Kohn is the President of The Jewish Community in Oslo and the Deputy Director at the Norwegian Center Against Racism.

The question is, since when did Norwegians decide they needed an organization to solve the “problem” of racism in their country? After all, isn’t Norway a homogenous country?  

Not for long, if Kohn has his way…

Norway is just TOO white for Kohn and his organization. So they’re now planning to “enrich” the Norwegians with an onslaught of third-world immigrants… And according to Kohn “this will be beneficial to the society, as a whole”.

To understand his interpretation of “beneficial”, just take a look at Sweden; which recently conceded 55 of its own communities to Muslim gangs. Not to mention a crime wave that’s sweeping through the country exponentially…Or the fact that it’s poised to become an economic third-world country by the year 2030.

Or how about Britain…with its concession to Sharia Law in a growing number of its own communities? In addition to its social strife, crime, unemployment, and a displacement of the British [White] middle-class.

IF all of this is so “beneficial”, why doesn’t Kohn work toward benefiting Israel? Why is he so worried about Europe?

Then again, maybe it’s time for Europeans to stop being so selfish in hogging-up all of these “benefits” and “enrichments” for themselves… Perhaps it’s time for Europeans to round-up coalitions [made up of minorities] to advocate for immigration to ISRAEL. After all, hasn’t Europe been “enriched” enough?

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10 thoughts on “Norway is TOO WHITE… According to the President of Jewish Communities in Oslo…

  1. I agree completely. Send every African with Ebola or Aids to that shittly little country in the middle east, and don’t stop until they are fully integrated. Then push for mixed marriages like the jews have been pushing in Amerika for the past 50 years. Fair is fair.

  2. I find it interesting that the Jewish community… in ALL Nations– seeks to dismantle the homogenous groups there.. oh, except in Israel.

    Having lived in Norway and as a US citizen (born and bred), I have to say there are a lot of us getting tired of the Jewish community pushing their agenda on others.

    It seems to me if the Jewish community cares so much, why aren’t they integrating with the Palestinians instead of killing them?

    The answer is simple: the Jews do not want integration for themselves… they want everyone else’s cultures to be wiped out through mass integration.

    Ironically, Norway is one of the least racist countries I’ve ever seen (including and especially Israel).

    Sounds to me like there are one too many whites in Norway…. perhaps they need to send him to Israel. When he marries a black woman from Africa who is Muslim, has 10 kids, and sends them all over the world … then he can preach to the rest of us.

    House of Judah did not receive the birth right.. thank heavens…. because that actually gives hope to a world oppressed by Jewish ideology.


  3. Yes indeedy. Send Israel the worlds wretched refuse, right behind
    them walls. Can’t have the chosen not being chosen for destruction
    like they’ve planned for white countries.

    1. American nationals of the American race come in all colors, just like our enemies do.
      I take it CSA stands for Confederate States of America. You will not come on this site to divide our people.

  4. Every advanced culture from time immemorial which has diluted its society with non-homogeneous outsiders has fallen into chaos and racial destruction. This is the plan for us. They believe we’ll be easier to control once our ancient genes are diluted.

  5. These Jew boys are suicidal, period. So, they’re going to flood the country with more Muslims and think that’s good for Norway and Jews living in Norway.

    When the Muslims cut the heads off all the Jews in Norway, we can grant the Jews the Darwin Awards once again.

    1. Hey Ted, do a little research and some rational thinking not done off the propaganda you’ve been immersed in and you will find that the joos you speak of have been the murderers throughout time, NOT the victim. The Muslims are a tool wielded, directed and sensationalized by these poor holyhoax victims to infiltrate and overthrow America.

      Those joo boys aren’t suicidal. They’re homicidal and Norway ain’t that far away and ain’t that different from where I sit in regards to being infected by parasites.

  6. The last thing Norway or any other “white” Christian country needs is any more damn Jews telling the Norwegians what they need. The best thing Norway could do is discourage Jews and Muslims from migrating to Norway. Tell the busy body Jews to mind their own God damned business and keep their noses out of other peoples and nations affairs.
    Jews are nothing but a problem.

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