Now I Understand Why Chelsea Clinton Gets $75,000 For A Speech

chelsea clintonThe Real Revo – by Jim22

And Hill and Billy each get a quarter million. As I said before, we will know when Hillary is running for President because she won’t be able to charge for a campaign speech.

Or will she? In this upside-down Bizzarro world anything is possible now.  

From PJ Media:

Say, the Clintons’ ‘Speaking Fees’ Sure Look Like Hefty Foreign Bribes

A joint investigation by the Washington Examiner and the nonprofit watchdog group Judicial Watch found that former President Clinton gave 215 speeches and earned $48 million while his wife presided over U.S. foreign policy, raising questions about whether the Clintons fulfilled ethics agreements related to the Clinton Foundation during Hillary Clinton‘s tenure as secretary of state.

According to documents obtained by Judicial Watch and released Wednesday in an ongoing Freedom of Information Act case, State Department officials charged with reviewing Bill Clinton’s proposed speeches did not object to a single one.

State Department legal advisers, serving as “designated agency ethics officials,” approved Bill Clinton’s speeches in China, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, the United Arab Emirates, Panama,Turkey, Taiwan, India, the Cayman Islands and other countries.

The memos approving Mr. Clinton’s speeches were routinely copied to Cheryl Mills, Hillary Clinton’s senior counsel and chief of staff.”

Hmmm. That’s quite a list of countries. And it happened while she was Secretary of State. What were they paying for? This thing could have legs.


Here is the Judicial Watch Article

2 thoughts on “Now I Understand Why Chelsea Clinton Gets $75,000 For A Speech

  1. Why do these countries need to hear them speak anyways, let alone paying for them to come and speak? Everything that comes out of their mouth is horseshit. I can spew bigger and better horseshit than they can and you don’t even have to pay me.

  2. Bush gets $200,000 a speech, does about 10 a year. Condi Rice gets $75,000 a speech does about 5 a year. If people stop paying these people they would stop speaking.

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