Top 9 Deadly and Dangerous Plants to Avoid

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When people think of deadly plants, they conjure up visions of Amazon rainforests and other far flung destinations. You would be mistaken to think that deadly plants don’t surround you in North America and Europe. Some of these plants are so toxic they can kill in minutes. Some look like common herbs. The key to avoiding death by plant is knowledge and the ability to identify which ones are deadly and which are safe for consumption. With that being said check out this excellent video below by Vsauce2 to learn about some of these top deadly plants.

3 thoughts on “Top 9 Deadly and Dangerous Plants to Avoid

  1. I kept getting poison ivy on my foot. I hadn’t been in the woods but I washed everything including shoes. Kept happening.

    Coincidentally I read that cashews have urushiol in them but cooking gets rid of it.

    I was eating a bag of cashews every day at lunch.

    I stopped the cashews and no outbreak since.

  2. Another poisonous plant is called “dutara” or “jimsonweed” which can either induce hallucinations (see writings by the late cult leader Carlos Casteneda) or near-death symptoms such as heart issues and even coma…a friend of ours didn’t know what it was but had some in his garden and had his wife cook it for him, he took one or two forkfuls and collapsed, and my husband who is a medic had to treat him as a first responder, and he went to hospital. Dutara has broad green leaves and looks like a large version of lambs quarter, which is highly nutritous and also grows wild. Very common in southwest US.

    1. I grow Datura(angel trumpet). I love the plant(oh that hypnotic smell).

      I do not however consume it nor would I advise anyone who is not a witch to either.

      My old cat use to hiss at it and get all puffy. Funny.

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