NSA leaker Snowden on flight to ‘third country’ via Moscow with WikiLeaks help

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US whistleblower Edward Snowden is en route to Moscow from Hong Kong on an Aeroflot flight, Hong Kong authorities have confirmed. WikiLeaks are aiding the ex-CIA employee with his political asylum bid in a ‘democratic country.’

The US has filed an extradition order against Snowden for espionage, theft and conversion of government property.

A spokesperson from the Hong Kong government confirmed that Edward Snowden had “legally and voluntarily” left the country.

“Mr. Edward Snowden left Hong Kong today (June 23) on his own accord for a third country through a lawful and normal channel,” said the Hong Kong government in a press release. The statement also said the documents for Snowden’s extradition submitted by Washington “did not fully comply with the legal requirements under Hong Kong law.”

“As the HKSAR Government has yet to have sufficient information to process the request for a provisional warrant of arrest, there is no legal basis to restrict Mr. Snowden from leaving Hong Kong.”

A source from Aeroflot told Interfax that Snowden is on flight SU213 to Moscow, landing on Sunday afternoon.

Russian President Vladimir Putin’s spokesperson, Dmitry Peskov said the Kremlin was unaware of Snowden’s plans to fly to Moscow.

It is understood that Moscow will not be Snowden’s final destination, he could potentially fly on to Ecuador or Iceland where he has allegedly applied for asylum. A diplomatic source told the Russian news agency Itar-Tass that no request for asylum in Russia had been received from the former CIA employee.

Citing a source close to Snowden, Russian news agency Interfax reported that the whistleblower’s final destination will be Venezuela with a transfer in Havana, Cuba.  He will reportedly be on flight SU150 to Havana, leaving Moscow on Monday and then on flight V-04101 to Caracas.

“He chose such a complicated route in the hope that he would not be arrested on the way to his final destination of Venezuela,” the source told Interfax.

WikiLeaks legal aid

Whistleblowing organization WikiLeaks has rallied behind Snowden and said they are assisting him in his bid for political asylum in a “democratic country.” The group announced on Twitter that they helped obtain “travel documents” and ensured his safe exit from Hong Kong. A member of the WikiLeaks legal team is also accompanying the NSA leaker on his flight to Moscow.

FLASH: Mr. Snowden is currently over Russian airspace accompanied by WikiLeaks legal advisors.

5 thoughts on “NSA leaker Snowden on flight to ‘third country’ via Moscow with WikiLeaks help

  1. I think most thinking American will agree that Snowden did the right thing in revealing the extent of the NSA’s spying on Americans. We need more people like him. Those responsible for Project Prism need to be prosecuted not Snowden. However, I am concerned that Snowden will not be safe wherever he goes (only the American people here can protect him by restoring the Constitution and Rule of Law), but certainly he needs to re-think his choice of Venezuela.

  2. So where is he getting the money to fly around the world stopping in one country after another? How does he afford to live in hotels and pay for his meals?

    And hey, Wikileaks, how about a photograph to prove your claims.

    1. I think that this is all just another big snow job on the American people. Snowden is probobly involved with another goverment soap opera and I think that the govt. is just playing a game with all of the people that will listen. I can almost bet that Snowden has some secret service people protecting him and that they are providing him with all the money he could ever want for his/their phoney escapade. I mean hey, we got bin laden and all of those other ones, why isn`t snowden busted yet especially when everyone knows pretty much where he is. Yep, I really think this is just another govt. “snow job ” on the people IMOHO.

      1. I agree digger for the simple fact that he is getting way too much publicity. If he were the real thing, you and I would never have heard of Edward Snowden.

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