6 thoughts on “NY Dem primary winner says entire quiet part out loud about socialism

  1. Hahahaha! She thinks Socialism wins….until she finds out that no one voted for her because all her supporters thought someone else would vote for them and so therefore they felt they didn’t need to.

    As if voting even matter anyways….

  2. Those who can not do… vote.

    “Winning” an “election” when the majority of people don’t even participate because they KNOW it’s fraud. Uh yeah, great “win” there b1tch!

    1. The words this foreign c-t spoke on this video are more than sufficient to get a guilty verdict for treason and sedition in a common law court under the superior common law jurisdiction and get her ass hung.
      The Bill of Rights, which is the supreme superior absolute unalienable law of the united states of the Americas, forbids collective power to rule over the individual.
      You are never going to get it, AOC, give it up.

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