9 thoughts on “NY: New Anti-Semitism Task Force’s 1st Meeting

  1. They just can’t seem to be able to “figure out” WHY the goyim hating them is on the rise?!

    Hahaha oy vey, that room even looks like it smells of body odor, lox and lies.

    And how will they change so actual people will stop “hating” them?

    No, that’s not the conclusion this minyon will come to. It will be “for absolutely no reason at all” and will attempt to silence the victims they attack while crying out in pain.

    1. Thank You and agreed!! We all know that Joo Biden is in a state which does not exist!!! DEPENDS ON YOU TO BELIEVE IN HIM AND HIS DEPENDS!!! Fu Lol

    1. That filthy kike also has his practice in kiryas joel, the ethnotown in nazi jewsey famous for its welfare abuse but filled with large single homes and fancy cars owned by diamond merchants. Their idea of “welfare recipients” looks a bit different than any American’s.


  2. Task Force…??? Wad do this mean?? I GOTTA TASK FOR YOU!! YOU CAN HELP BUILD THIS NEW SWING!!!! ETA SH*T!!!!! BOR’s

  3. JUST REMEMBER TRUMP OBAMA OBIDEN …. IT DOES NOT MATTER WHO KISSED THE WALL FIRST!! PLACED INTO AND GROOMED TO BE THE NEXT PREZ OF CORPORATEUSA.COM!!!! COMMUNIST TRAITORS!!!! picture them all with a stupid little cap on kissing a wall, … this is who has been selected ENJOY~~~~~

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