NY Pays $30K For 3D Printed Firearms At Gun Buy Back

Ammoland – by John Crump

UTICA, NY -(Ammoland.com)- New York Attorney General Leticia James claims last month’s Utica gun “buy back” was a massive success, with 296 guns being turned in to police. 

What she doesn’t want the public to know is that 177 of those guns were 3D printed guns, including sixty “Yankee Boogles” that were printed just for the gun “buy back” that cost the state over $30,000, including $21,000 to a single person. The money was paid out in pre-paid Visa and Master Cards, costing the state even more in activation fees.

The gentleman who turned in the 60 Yankee Boogles” is known online as Kem Regik. A “Yankee Boogle” is a drop-in auto sear (DIAS) allowing users to convert their AR-15 into a machine gun. The device can be 3D printed on any 3D printer for under a dollar. They also fetch over $100 a piece at the police gun “buy backs,” giving them a high return on investment.

The idea of trading in 3D-printed firearms isn’t to make money but to demonstrate that the “signal” can’t be stopped, and 3D printing has invalidated any gun control because a printer someone picks up at Microcenter for under $100 can print a working firearm. Mr. Regik drove hours from his home to make this point at the gun “buy back.”

“I hope Leticia James is happy because her little attempt at tyranny cost her police officers $21,000 and their dignities,” Regiks told AmmoLand News. “She can’t stop the signal, and now she knows what that really means. Every buy back from Long Island to Buffalo to Champlain is going to have someone raiding with Boogles. Either she admits they’re not a public danger, or she pays full price like any other machine gun, her choice.”

The police wanted the devices but didn’t want to pay the full amount. They offered Mr. Regiks $6000, but he promptly turned them down, insisting he gets full advertised value. They also promised full amnesty to anyone who brought guns to the buy back. This protection sent police scrambling to figure out what to do.

After many phone calls, the police decided to give in but didn’t have enough to cover the $21,000 owed to Regiks. While Regiks and the other 3D-printed firearm makers waited in the parking lot of the gun “buy back,” the police tried to buy the cards from multiple stores, but they couldn’t get the needed amount due to banking regulations.

The Utica Police Department had to scramble to call in off-duty officers to buy the pre-paid credit cards from various stores clearing off shelves. After hours of waiting, Mr. Regiks received the full promised value for his devices. He told the Out of Battery podcast that the police finance woman was fuming, but in the end, the police did get his 3D printed devices, and Regiks got his money.

Mr. Regiks and the other members of the builder community celebrated at the Texas Roadhouse their successful troll attempt on the Utica Police, where Regiks ordered the biggest steak on the menu.

The Utica Police and the AG Office didn’t respond to AmmoLand’s request for comment.


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