NYPD Captures 63 Gang Members Because They Referred to Guns as ‘Biscuits’ on Facebook

A "sandwich." (Photo: Hashgram)BetaBeat- by Jordan Valinsky

Gangs may soon join teens in the “totally over Facebook” collective. The NYPD announced yesterday that it has arrested 63 members from three East Harlem gangs, after they left a trail of evidence boasting about their exploits online.

Authorities said the members—all men, 16 to 25—are responsible for 30 non-fatal shootings in the neighborhood since 2009. When using Facebook to plan their hits, they often used slang words. For example, guns were identified as “biscuit” or “clickety,” while ammunition were often labeled as “sea shellz” and “gas.”  

A gang member would post a status update saying they needed “electricity for the 2 and 5 train” if their .25-caliber pistol was low on ammo. They also bestowed East Harlem with the quaint nickname of “New Iraq.”

NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly credited his troops’ social media surveillance with stopping the violence:

‘Social media remains a double-edged sword in our crime fighting strategies. It is used by crew members to brag about past crimes, taunt rivals, and incite violence,’ he said.  ’On the other hand, we use social media to document past crimes and intercept new ones being talked about openly by crew members on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.’

Imagine how low crime stats could dip if the NYPD gets Facebook Home.

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21 thoughts on “NYPD Captures 63 Gang Members Because They Referred to Guns as ‘Biscuits’ on Facebook

  1. The authorities always talk in codes but then they get nervous and do not like it when gang members and other average everyday type hard working people talk in codes. I guess that the authorities have had something to worry about now for some time.

          1. Tuinal was a combination of Seconal (barbituate) and Amytal (hypnotic). I know it well because that was the the biggest overdose I ever took of anything when I was a teenager, and it damn near killed me.

          2. Yep #1 I also know those tuies very well too. we used to poke a hole in each end of the capsule for quicker realease. Seconal got me big time. Glad I got off of those killers.

          3. I am in no way advocating the breaking of any laws with this post. For those that don’t have drug problems and want something useful for pain relief when the SHTF you could score several street drugs. I hear they are cheaper in the US than the prescription versions.

          4. Prescription drugs are available on the streets, at higher than pharmacy prices, naturally.

            But at least you know for sure what you’re getting with those.

            My days of playing Russian Roulette with drugs are long since gone.

    1. Mayor Michael Bloomberg (November 29, 2011); “I have my own army in the NYPD, which is the seventh biggest army in the world. I also have my own State Department, much to Foggy Bottom’s annoyance. We have the United Nations in New York, and so we have an entrée into the diplomatic world that Washington does not have.”

      1. Wow….I’m speechless. Although it doesn’t surprise me, I’m still speechless and all the more angry as everyone else should be. Them be fighting words coming from Pee-Wee’s Playhouse.

  2. You know, with the police arresting people for saying “biscuits”, you’d think they’d be arresting more Brits in this country. You know, like Piers Morgan.

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